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Pankaj Arvind Apte

PhD (Ohio State University)

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering




  • PhD, Ohio State University, 2005
  • M.Tech, IIT, Kanpur, 2000
  • B.Tech, LIT, Nagpur, 1998



  • J. Wang, P. A. Apte, J. R. Morris, X. C. Zeng, "Freezing Point and Solid-Liquid Interfacial Free Energy of Stockmayer Dipolar Fluids: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study" Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (2013), 114705.

  • P. A. Apte and A. K. Gautam, "Nonmonotonic dependence of the absolute entropy on temperature in supercooled Stillinger-Weber silicon" , Journal of Statistical Physics, 149 (2012), 551-567.

  • P. A. Apte, "Efficient computation of free energy of crystal phases due to external potentials by error-biased Bennett acceptance ratio method", Journal of Chemical Physics, 132 (2010), 084101.

  • P. A. Apte and I. Kusaka, "Evaluation of translational free energy in a melting temperature calculation by simulation",Physical Review E, 73 (2006), 016704.

  • P. A. Apte and I. Kusaka, "Direct calculation of solid-liquid coexistence points of a binary mixture by thermodynamic integration",Journal of Chemical Physics, 123 (2005), 194503

  • Our published work (listed above) on supercooled silicon has been highlighted by : (i)News article: 12-11/70342PH.html, and (ii) In the book "Issues in Applied Physics 2013 Edition", published by ScholarlyEditions, Atlanta, Georgia USA . ISBN 1490105948, 9781490105949

  • Gold Medal, B. Tech., Nagpur University (1998)

  • Outstanding graduate student award for academic achievement, OSU Department of Chemical Engineering (2005)

Department of Chemical
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-7457 (O)

Email: papte[AT]


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