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Research Scholar


Sanjay Kumar

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Guide: Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya

Research Topic



  • PhD, Pursuing IIT Kanpur.
  • M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (Production) from MNNIT Allahabad.
  • B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from Ranchi University, Ranchi.



  • Sanjay Kumar, AK Dubey and A Pandey, "Computer-aided genetic algorithm based multi-objective optimization of laser trepan drilling" INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING Vol. 14, No. 7, pp. 1119-1125. DOI: 10.1007/s12541-013-0152-5

  • MHRD Fellowship during M. Tech.

  • Institute Fellowship During PhD.


Micro-systems Fabrication Laboratory,(in front of Mechanical Engineering Department)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone:

Email: sanjaykr[AT]

Bio-MEMS,Paper Microfluidics, Microfluidics, Advanced machining processes, Laser Machining, AI-based Optimization.

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