Research Scholar


Sayandip Ghosh

Department Physics

Guide: Prof. Avinash Singh

Research Topic



  • B. Sc. - A. B. N. Seal college, North Bengal University (79.5 %)
  • M. Sc.- IIT Kanpur (9.6/10)



  • "The role of orbital order in the stabilization of the (pi, 0) ordered magnetic state in a minimal two-band model for iron pnictides."

    Journal of Applied Physics, 115, 103907 (2014)

  • Academic Excellence award for 2009-10, IIT Kanpur

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FB- 664
IIT Kanpur
India, 208016

Office Phone: 0512-2596330

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Pnictides, Magnetic excitations, Superconducting Paring, Spin coupling

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