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Upcoming Events/Activities

  1. Poetry Recitation Competition is being organized by HSS(a student body at IIT/K) in collaboration with Shivani Centre: July, 2024
    A poetry recitation competition will be organized for students of IIT Kanpur. The competition aims to celebrate the beauty and diversity of Hindi literature, encouraging students to showcase their unique interpretations and recitation styles in various genres of Hindi poetry, such as Kavita, Ghazal, Shayari, etc.
  2. Gaatha Mahotsav
    A literary festival called 'Gatha Mahotsav' will be organized in a joint collaboration between Gatha-a popular audio hosting platform, Shivani Centre, Rajbhasha Prakoshtha, Various literary programs related to art, entertainment, and literature will be organized at this event.
    Date: 21th, July, 2024 (Sunday)
    Venue: Outreach Auditorium, IITK
  3. Celebrating the Birth Anniversary of Munshi Premchand
    On the occasion of Munshi Premchand Jayanti, the Shivani Centre will organize a story reading competition involving students from IIT Kanpur. The objective of this event is to raise awareness about the literary works of Munshi Premchand ji and to inspire people through his life and writings.
    Date: July 31st, 2024 (Wednesday)