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M.Tech in Geological Technology

M.Tech. Programme in Geological Technology (4 Semesters) has a focus on applied Earth sciences and specialized courses in earth surface processes, climate science and natural hazards. The programme consists of 2 semesters of course work and two semesters of research. The M.Tech. students are expected to complete 8 courses in the first two semesters with a minimum CPI of 6.0 and then carry out research in one of the specialized areas for the next two semesters. A written thesis has to be submitted and defended at the end of the programme.

The programme aims to provide high quality manpower in Earth Sciences, where intellectual foundations and traditions are anchored in the (a) integration of quantitative data across various earth systems, and (b )application of geological, geophysical and other related analytical methods. Some of our major research areas include river science, natural hazards, environmental geology, hydrocarbons, water and soil chemistry and climate change. The Department encourages however interdisciplinary research and innovative ideas in all possible areas of Earth Sciences.

Who Can Apply?

Students with M. Sc. degree in Earth Science streams or B. Tech. /B. E. degree in Civil/Geosciences Engineering are eligible to apply for the M.Tech programme. Candidates having M. Sc. degree in other science streams may also be considered. In addition, a valid GATE score will be needed. The GATE requirement will be waived for the B.Tech graduates from IITs with a minimum overall CPI of 6.5 and a minimum CPI of 8.0 in the last two semesters in B.Tech. However, such students are not entitled to Institute Assistantship if the overall CPI is below 8.0.

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