Visiting Faculty



Sumit Chakraborty
Distinguished Visiting Professor
D.N Wadia MoES Chair Professor
PhD., University of Arizona, 1990

Research Description: Application of Physical Chemistry through experiments, theory and in the field to understand timescales and mechanisms of geochemical and cosmochemical processes. Understanding the atomistic mechanisms of flow and creep of silicates and oxides. Application of diffusion controlled processes in Materials Science problems.

Recent research areas include volcanism at Mt. Etna, the Eifel region in Germany, and Kamchatka, USSR; early Earth processes in the Coorg block and other parts of S. India, and metamorphic and tectonic evolution of the Himalaya. Development of user friendly numerical models for applications to Diffusion modeling is another current focus of interest.
Email: csumit[AT]


S. Wajih A. Naqvi
Distinguished Visiting Professor

Specializations: Oceanography, Aquatic Sciences, Biogeochemistry, Nitrogen Cycle, Greenhouse Gases Cycling of redox sensitive elements, especially nitrogen, in anoxic aquatic environments both in the oceans and on land
Phone: +91 512 259 2158
Email: wnaqvi[AT]