Office of International Relations

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Whether you are an international student visiting IIT Kanpur for a degree or for short-term research/coursework, or an international faculty member visiting IIT Kanpur for a conference or research partnership, you will need an appropriate visa to enter India.


Indian Missions grant a student visa for a period of five years or for the duration of the course of study, whichever is shorter. These visas are granted to students coming to India to pursue regular and full-time academic studies, for Industrial training, summer project, internships etc. Provisional student visas valid for six months are provided to students exploring admission or taking admission tests. Spouse and dependent family members accompanying a student must apply for an Entry Visa (Not Tourist Visa).

How We Help with your Visa Application

The Office of International Relations (OIR) will help you in the following ways throughout the process.

  • We will work with you and your host (mentor/ collaborator) at IIT Kanpur to help plan your visit.
  • Upon receiving approval for your visit from concerned authorities, we will issue you an Invitation Letter.
  • Upon your arrival on campus, we will help you complete your registration process with the local Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO)
  • We will also help you quickly settle into the campus life, interface with various offices of the Institute, and start your academic activities.
  • When you are ready to leave after completing your assignment, we will help you complete your exit formalities with the government.

How to Apply

For complete information on applying for an Indian Visa, please visit: