Stephen Tytler, TAMU 2018

It was a great experience staying at IIT Kanpur. The campus, the OAT, soccer fields, canteen, the Airstrip, the skating ring, food and the people were all wonderful.


Jules Renet, Semester Exchange Programme

All the facilities provided in IITK are great – from the sports fields and activity clubs to canteens etc. The calm environment of the campus and the open-minded students are nice and the hospitality I received was amazing.


Thomas Beischer, Semester Exchange Programme

I loved working in the friendly lab environment at IITK. The International Relations Office was also very helpful with all the queries I had. My supervisor was very helpful and the food on the campus was also very nice.


Celeste Russell, USA Student Exchange Programme 2013

Invaluable International Exposure

I received the awesome opportunity to participate in an exchange program with IIT-Kanpur in the summer of 2013. My experience was so wonderful that I wouldn't trade it for anything. I was able to travel all over India on the weekends and was exposed to so many new experiences. I had got a chance to work with some of the most knowledgeable people in their respective fields at IIT Kanpur. I gained invaluable international exposure and was able to do so many new things. It really brought the world into perspective and made me realize just how small my world in the US had been. The people of India are all so friendly and sincere. While there I gained friendships that will last a lifetime and I can't wait to go back to visit them all!



Jennifer Erchinger, USA Internship Programme 2013

Home Away from Home

During my two months stay on campus, IIT-Kanpur became my home away from home. The faculty and staff were always kind and helpful, and especially during my initial adjustment to Indian time, food, and culture. My lab mates and students from many other disciplines have become close friends, ones that I intend and hope to stay in touch with for my next visit back.


Bob Cline, USA Internship Programme 2013

Both Cultural and Academic Experience

This summer I have been involved in an exchange program between the IIT Kanpur and Texas A&M. Since I have already worked at an aerospace company, this was an opportunity to learn more about the world of research and academia. Throughout the summer I constructed a small flapping-wing aircraft in order to test various theories about butterfly flight. I learned more about the design process in one summer than I have learned in four years of college, and gained a cultural education, as well. On the weekends we have been traveling India, learning about the culture, and meeting new people every day. It's been very enlightening as I've been learning not only about India, but also about the United States through the eyes of the people I meet. I have had a great summer, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain both cultural and academic experience.



Jonathon Harms, Australia Internship Programme 2013

Great Learning Opportunity

My time at IITK was on a small research project in the Mechatronics Lab. I was at IITK for 10 weeks from December 2013 to Feb 2014. It was a great learning opportunity and has given me invaluable research experience. The IITK campus was a fantastic place to live, as there was always something to do and people to meet. We spent time travelling on weekends which meant we got to see a small part of India. Overall my time in India and IITK was something I will not soon forget.



Iona Norton, Australia SURGE 2013

Enjoyed Living at IIT Kanpur

At the conclusion of my undergraduate degree, before starting my Master of Engineering at the University of Melbourne, I had the opportunity to participate in the SURGE program, and undertake a research project at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I completed a project in the Aerospace Department, in the Propulsion Laboratory, investigating premixed flames. The research internship allowed me to conduct experiments and spend time investigating areas which I may not have been exposed to in my ordinary coursework. I also really enjoyed living at IITK - cycling from the hostel to the lab, having meals in different canteens and messes, seeing peacocks and the occasional monkey. People at IITK were welcoming and friendly, and I made some really good friends. I feel so lucky to have been offered this opportunity, and am so grateful for it - it was a truly valuable learning experience, both academically and culturally.



I liked the course rigour and the class sizes are ideal. Sometimes I didn't like the inconsideration shown by few people on campus. I would suggest improvement in student –teacher relations and more sensitivity towards students who come from different background.

Achyut Wagle, Nepal
PhD, Economics 2013-2017



At IITK, I found everything more than my expectation and found myself lucky to be a student of IITK. The only botheration was regarding the work related to Residential permit (FRRO). I would suggest that the whole process need to be made smooth for overseas students.

Yonas Gebre, Ethiopia
PhD, Aerospace Engg. 2013-2017



I liked the course rigour and the class sizes are ideal. Sometimes I didn't like the inconsideration shown by few people on campus. I would suggest improvement in student –teacher relations and more sensitivity towards students who come from different background.

Yesgat Admassu, Ethiopia
PhD, Aerospace Engg. 2013-2017



The campus is nice and life remains busy. The free access to available facilities is one of the best parts of IITK campus. Only the extreme weather was a concern while living here.

Teklehaimanot Tadele, Ethiopia
PhD, IME 2013-2017



I liked the lab facilities and mess. I found a lack of international student network on campus.

Ben Delaney, Ireland
PhD Internship, Physics



I like the culture of the campus, the student life and academics. The only thing that was tough was the paper work related to Residential permit (FRRO). I would suggest that the whole process need to be made smooth for overseas students.

Dereje Asfaw, Ethiopia
PhD, IME 2013-2017



I like the facilities and the friendly IITK community, the highest level of academic excellence. I would suggest improving on the visa issues.

Tesfaye Tolu Feyissa, Ethiopia
PhD, Economics 2013-2017



I like the academics as it is well developed and structured.

Tamerat Kebede Mekonnen, Ethiopia
PhD, IME 2013-2017



I like the friendly people here on campus and the academics in IITK.

Mezigebu Belay, Ethiopia
PhD, MSE 2013-2017



Everyone on campus is very nice and helpful, the campus is calm and clean with comfortable and secure atmosphere. I didn’t like the strict structure of some courses.

Katharina Linn, Germany
Semester Exchange, BSBE 2013-2014



I liked the campus, sport complex and Girls Hostel Tower of IIT Kanpur. I enjoyed eating in Mess 7 and Canteen 4. Initially I had some problem in FRRO formalities but overall I have enjoyed my stay at IIT Kanpur.

Marion Gogain, France
Exchange Student 2013-2014



I liked the campus, canteen 4 and mess 7, Air Strip, Wind Tunnel, AE department and sports facilities like swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court etc. People at IITK are really nice. I didn’t like the administrative part of SSP and immigration office. Some time we were lost because it was difficult to know what was expected from us.

Chevalier Paul, France
Exchange Student 2013-2014



The campus of IITK has lot of good facilities like gym, New Sac, swimming pool and also so many other activities like dance, music, rock climbing etc. I've made many good and interesting friends here. The courses here are too heavy, especially in the CSE department; I felt some stress with all the courses and project to do. I also do not like working till 3 a.m. or waiting for project partners for half an hour because they are late. I find the international office is doing very well, we are well welcomed and you also helped us a lot with all the administration staff we also appreciate this "farewell."

Fangyan Sun, France
Exchange Student 2014



The campus is simply great with (sport facilities, swimming pool). People who are staying in the campus are nice. I loved meeting at CCD with IRO staff! We had faced some problem for the police registration but I think this is because of the SSP. We suggest you to contact future students before they arrive in campus.

Vincent Jarno, France
Exchange Student 2013-2014



The students and staff members of IIT Kanpur are really nice and helpful. I liked the accommodation (GH-Tower), food (Especially canteen4 and mess 7), Swimming pool here. I only suggest you to provide more help for administrative forms (inscription, moving to a hostel, no dues forms ) because it is difficult for us to understand that what is expected from us and in Hall Office people don't speak English (not always). But we were very well welcomed by the IR staff and some students! Thank you for your support.

Celia Hibou-Cwancig, France
Exchange Student 2013-2014



The campus is really nice and I have liked a lot that you take care a lot about exchange students when they arrive. I don't like so much how the courses are taught. There is too much theory and not enough exercise to understand the course and lack of structure. Also in some group projects people speak in hindi even if I am there. You can improve your website, because it's really hard (impossible?) to find information like for example which courses there are in which semester..

Carole Bujon, France
Exchange Student 2014



Loved the Nimbu Pani (Lemon water) of Hall 4. I believe that the number of international student at IITK is far more less than IITB or IITD. Somehow attract more.

Kshitiz Verma, Spain
PhD Intern 2014



The campus is awesome with good sport facilities, a quiet place. The wait time for FRRO formalities to get completed was too long, this process needs improvement. I suggest to work on centralizing the system for welcoming foreign students, so the information about new student’s arrival is well circulated.

Amos Matthieu, Switzerland
Exchange Programme 2014