Intakes and Nozzles


Flow in a Serpentine Duct


Current research

Past research


Wg Cdr Rajkumar Panneerselvam

Open Jet Facility (ROJF)

This facility was established in the Aero Propulsion Lab, IIT Kanpur for high speed internal flow and jet studies. The facility is capable of Mach numbers ranging from subsonic to high supersonic in continuous mode. The 1 m × 1 m open jet layout is modular allowing for the inlet section to be varied from 1″ to 4″, as per the requirement. This facility was established in the year 2013 by Wg. Cdr . Rajkumar Panneerselvam, to carry out thrust vectoring studies on novel nozzle shapes. He spent considerable time and effort in designing and testing the facility . He later made modifications to extend the capabilities of the facility, allowing for a wide range of studies that can be performed. This facility has since been upgraded to carryout other research activities.


Maximum mass flow rate: 0.5 kg/s
Maximum delivery pressure: 20 bar
Mode of operation: Continuous
Inlet pipe diameter: 1″ to 4″

Measurement Instruments and Techniques

Pressure Measurements-Pressure Scanner
Multi-Hole Probe with 3-D traverse
Shadowgraph and Schlieren
Particle Image Velocimetry
Mach-Zender Interferometry

Completed Research

Research Topics

1. Calibration of Multi-hole probes-High subsonic and Supersonic speeds.
2. Nozzle flow characterization-Internal and exhaust jet.
3. Thrust Vectoring studies-Active and Passive.
4. Jet-Mixing Studies-Active and Passive.