Completed Projects

  1. Development of Fluidic Thrust Vectoring Capability for AURA High Aspect Ratio Fixed Nozzle (ADA)
  2. Application of Bio-Fuels for Aviation (DST + PWC): Indian partners: IIP, IISc, IOCL, HPCL, Infotech
  3. Passive and Active Control of Hooting (Pratt and Whitney, Canada)
  5. Experimental Investigation of Flow Separation in Proposed AURA intake duct and its control (ADA)
  6. Development of a Morphing Wing (DRDO)
  7. Study of Internal Flow Dynamics in a 2D Curved Nozzle and Development of Fluidic Thrust Vectored Nozzle (AR&DB)
  8. Development of Test Facility for Fire Propagation and Associated Thermal Hydraulic Aspects in Multiple Compartments (BARC)
  9. Study of spray combustion in a swirl stabilized dump combustor (ISRO-STC)
  10. Identification and Control of Combustion Instability in Bluff Body Stabilized diffusion flame (ISRO-STC)
  11. Development of a Hybrid Pulsed Plasma Thruster (ISRO-STC)
  12. Experimental Study of Aeroelastic behaviour of cascades (AR&DB)
  13. Identification Analysis and Control of Flow Angularity in Thrust Vectored Nozzles (AR&DB)
  14. Aerodynamic Characterization of Projectiles with Wrap Around Fins (ARMREB)
  15. Flow Control in Serpentine Intakes using Pulsed Vortex Generator Jets (AR&DB)
  16. Droplet-Flow Interaction in Re-circulating Turbulent Flows (ISRO-STC)
  17. Development of “Smart” Vortex Generators for prevention of flow separation and enhancement of stall margin for airfoil sections (ADA)
  18. Study of Liquid Fuel Combustion in a Re-circulating Flow Field of Gaseous Oxidizer. (ISRO-STC)
  19. Up gradation of Tri-Sonic Wind Tunnel at IIT Kanpur for Testing of Armament Stores. (ARMREB)
  20. Solution of HPT-32 engine cut-off problem (CEMILAC, RCMA, DRDO)
  21. Design and Modeling of Liquid Atomizers (CFEES, DRDO)
  22. Modeling of Fire-Water Mist interactions in enclosures (CFEES, DRDO)