Professor, Industrial and Management Engineering Department
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

International Conference/Workshop/Symposium Attended
  1. International Conference on Industrial Systems Engineering and Management in Developing Countries, Asian Institute of Technology,
  2. Bangkok, November, 1980 (Invited Delegate and paper).
  3. International Conference on Marketing Management, Institute of Marketing and Management, New Delhi, January, 1981 (Delegate).
  4. Asia Pacific Conference on Operational Research, Singapore, November, 1982 (Paper).
  5. AIT Bangkok-IIT Kanpur Seminar on CAD/CAM, Madras, Sept. 1986 (Paper).
  6. Seminar on Applications of CAD/CAM in Industry, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, September, 1986 (Invited Speaker).
  7. Third ORSA/TIMS Special Interest Conference on Flexible Manufacturing Systems: Operations Research Models and Applications, MIT, Cambridge, August 14-16, 1989 (Paper).
  8. International Conference on Engineering Software - 89, IIT Delhi, December 4-7, 1989 (Paper and Session Chairman).
  9. Indo-US Workshop on CAD/CAM & Robotics, IIT Delhi, December 1991 (Delegate).
  10. UNESCO Workshop on Management Education in Engineering, IIT Delhi, February 16-18, 1993 (Delegate).
  11. 2nd International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Singapore, September, 1993 (Paper).
  12. Asian Productivity Organization Seminar on Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Systems, Seoul, Korea, June 18-24, 1996 (Country delegate and Paper).
  13. 4th International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Singapore, October 1997 (Papers and Session Chairman).
  14. First Asian Symposium on Industrial Automation and Robotics, BITECH, Bangkok, May 1998 (Paper, Session Chair and Local Arrangement).
  15. 3rd World Congress on Intelligent Manufacturing Processes and Systems, MIT, Cambridge, June 28-30, 2000 (Paper and Session Chair).
  16. Special International Conference on Production Research (ICPR) 2000, Bangkok, August 2-4, 2000 (Papers (3), Session Chair and General Chair Technical Arrangements).
  17. PAN IIT-2004, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, December 2004.
  18. IIT Everywhere - Making a Difference, IIT Alumni Singapore August 2006.
  19. PAN IIT - 2006, Mumbai, December 2006.
  20. The 7th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference, Bangkok, 17-20 December 2006, Session Chair.