Professor, Industrial and Management Engineering Department
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


(a) Industrial Engineering and Management Courses
  Several new courses introduced, and courses remodelled and restructured. Active participation in structuring the curriculum at various institutions.
(b) New Programme - 2 year MBA
  As a Head of Department for the second term, was given as a major responsibility of starting 2-Year MBA programme at the Institute. Organized admission process, curriculum development and placement activities.
(c) Emerging Areas of Teaching and Research
  Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Taught for the first time at the Institute a PG level course on Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Introduced a Postgraduate level course on Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems. Supervised several M.Tech. and Ph.D. theses in the areas of CIMS/CAM/FMS. Coordinator of five sponsored projects: (i) Development of Software Technology in CAM, and (ii) Computer-Aided Process Planning and Tool Inventory Systems, (iii) Development of Teaching Aids for CIMS, (iv) Development of Software Technology for CIMS for Technology Development Mission and (v) Analysis and design of FMS. Major research emphasis is on the development of decision systems for Computer-Aided Management of Manufacturing Systems. Organized several two-week continuing courses on CIMS, FMS, and IMS. A CIMS laboratory is developed for teaching and research.
  Supply Chain Management
Developed and taught a post graduate level course in supply chain and logistical management for MBA students at IIT Kanpur. Established interactions with many societies and organizations in the field of supply chain management. Gave several invited talks and seminars on the subject.
  Financial Engineering
Developed and taught a post graduate level course in financial engineering at IIT Kanpur. The course was taken as elective course by MBA, M Tech, and senior undergraduate students.
(d) Students Affairs Management
  As Head Counselling Service, strengthened the counseling activities. Introduced departmental counsellors and senior faculty counsellors system.
As Dean of Students Affairs, re-organized students registration process, hall management, studentsí amenities, foreign language programme, students benefit funds, students scholarships, etc. Introduced All India Annual Technological Exhibition and Students Competition (TECHKRITI), Deanís Capital Fund, Hall Development Funds, Year Book, Institute Tie and Calendar. Formalized Students Governance through Institute Senate.
(e) Students Affairs Management
  Served as the Convener of the Institute Task Force for streamlining the accounting procedure (1979 - 80). Was given the major responsibility for the development of the Institute Data Processing Centre intended to cater the entire data processing needs of the Institute. System analysis and design were carried out and computerization completed for accounting, academic and administrative activities such as payroll, provident funds, travel allowances, course-registration, academic grade processing, employees database, and leave records. Suitable input forms and output formats were designed. Procedure manuals were also prepared. Served as Head of the Centre (1979 - 82, 1986 - 1989, 1995-96). After the transformation of the Centre as Office Automation, served as its Coordinator (2004-2008).