Professor, Industrial and Management Engineering Department
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


(A) Long Term Courses for Executives from Industry and Faculty from Educational Institutions
  1. Visionary Leadership Programme in Manufacturing - One year Certificate Programme jointly coordinated by IIM Calcutta,IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras (Coordinator and Faculty - CIMS module , 2009- )

  2. Long Term Certificate Programme for Officers of Ordnance Factories of India in Manufacturing Management (Co-Coordinator 2009; Coordinator Manufacturing Systems Module 2009, 2010)

  3. Masters Programme in Industrial Management jointly between IIT Kanpur and Defence College of Engineering, Ethiopia (Module : Quality Systems and Management, October 2012, )
(B) Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) Courses Sponsored by Govt. of India for Teachers from Engineering Colleges and Executives from Industry

QIP/ISTE Courses Organized (and also participated as faculty) (*: jointly with other faculty)

1. Intensive Course on Management of Inventory Systems, IIT Kanpur (Dec. 1 - 14, 1980).

2. Intensive Course on Quality Control and Reliability, IIT Kanpur (Dec.1-15, 1981).

3.*. Intensive Course on Decision Support System, IIT Kanpur (May 19 - 31, 1986)

4.* Intensive Course on Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems (May 2 - 14, 1988)

5.* Intensive Course on Flexible Manufacturing Systems, IIT Kanpur (Dec.7 - 8, 1992)

6. Intensive Course on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, IIT Kanpur (Dec.5 - 12, 1995).

QIP/ISTE Courses - participated as a faculty

1. Intensive Course on Applied Operations Research, IIT Kanpur (May 15 - 27, 1978).

2. Intensive Course on Traffic Flow Analysis, IIT Kanpur (Dec. 3-15, 1979).

3. Tolerance Analysis and Fixture Design in Computer-Aided Process Planning, ISTE Summer School, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, May 12-25, 2001.