Professor, Industrial and Management Engineering Department
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


(*: jointly with some other faculty members)



Completed - 93
Inventory Management 8
Quality Control 4
Production Planning & Control 8
Decision Support System 4
Flexible Manufacturing Systems 10
GT/Cellular Manufacturing 7
General 14
Materials Requirement Planning 7
Maintenance and Repair Management 3
Database and Information System 6
Simulation and Wargaming 3
Computer-Aided Process Planning 16
Supply Chain Management 3
Financial Engineering 2
1*. Alok Chakravarti, Approaches for 2-Echelon Multi-Item Deterministic Inventory System, 1979.

2. Sharad K Pande, Some Deterministic Models for Single Location Inventory Systems for Recoverable Items, 1980.

3. U C Ray, Coordinated Replenishment Policies in Multi-Item Inventory Systems, 1980.

4*. N Bolloju, Design and Implementation of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Alumni Database, 1980.

5. Pradeep Kumar, Coordinated Repair Policies for a Group of Equipment, 1981.

6. A R Venkatesh, Optimal Quality Control Design for Multistage Manufacturing Systems, 1981.

7. P V L N Rao, Design and Development of Database for Materials Management, 1981.

8. P R Srinivasan, Design and Implementation of Information Systems for IIT Kanpur Academic Section, 1981.

9. S K Nigam, Inventory Models with Substitution, 1981.

10*.S Ravishankar, Design and Implementation of Data Base for IIT Kanpur Employees, 1982.

11. P Gopinathan, Multi Item Lot-Sizing in Material Requirements Planning, 1982.

12. Ishwar B Hemrajani, Inspection Errors and Sampling Plans, 1982.
(on leave to AIT Bangkok, Aug.1982 - July 1984)

13*.J Sunderson, Lot Sizing in MRP under Capacity Constraints, 1984.

14. A Srinivasulu, Loading Problem in Random Flexible Manufacturing System, 1986.

15*.C N Gupta, A Decision Support System for Inventory Control, 1986.

16. B V Gopinath, Design and Development of Database for Tool Planning and Control in FMS, 1986.

17*.V N Vittal, A Computer-Aided Process Planning System for Rotational Parts in FMS Environment, 1987.

18*.Madhusudhana, H.K., An Interactive Simulation Model with Graphics Animation for Scheduling in FMS, 1987.

19*. Joydip Ghosh, Integration of Group Technology and Material Requirements Planning for Efficient Lot Sizing, 1987.

20*. Ajay K. Chitta, A Decision Support System for Process Planning, 1987.

21. K V S Prasad, Design and Implementation of an Expert System for Process Planning of Axi-Symmetric Parts, 1987.

22. Bakul P Joshi, Design of an MIS for MRP and Purchasing Subsystems: A Micro-Computer Implementation, 1987.

23. A Venkatasubramanian, Inventory Control under Demand Substitution: Some New Additions, 1987.

24. S Sudhakar, Design and Development of Decision Support System for Maintenance Management, 1988.

25. Capt A V Malhotra, Computer Simulation Study of a Combat Wargaming Model, 1988.

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28. Nama Kishan, Development of Management Information System for Tool Planning and Control, 1988.

29. Arun Kumar, A Simulation Based DSS for the Management of Deteriorating Inventories, 1988.

30*. Anabrasu, P., Design and Implementation of an Expert System for Fine Surface Grinding, 1989.

31. V Ratna Kumar, Design & Implementation of an Integrated MRP-GT System for CIMS Environment, 1989.

32. Sunil Kumar, Certain Aspects of Production Scheduling and Loading Functions in FMS, 1989.

33*. M Radhakrishnan, Design and Development of Process Planning System and Cutter Path Simulation for Rotational Components, 1989.

34*. G Sankara Narayana, Computer-Aided Process Planning for Machining of Rotational and Prismatic Parts, 1989.

35*. K Prafulla Aherrao, Generative Process Planning System for Milling Operations, 1989.

36*. Sanjay D Apte, Development and Implementation of a Part Feature Recognition System for Process Planning of Prismatic Parts, 1989

37*. V Srinivas Rao, Computer Aided Process Planning for Fine Grinding, 1990.

38*. R V S Subramanyam, Design and Development of MIS for FMS and CIM, 1990.

39*. Ashok K Khuntia, Feature Recognition, Operations Sequencing and NC Code Generation for Prismatic Parts, 1990.

40*. Manohar B, Feature Identification and Simulation of End Milling Process for Prismatic Parts, 1990.

41*. Awadhesh Bahadur, CAPEDM: Computer Aided Process Planner for Electro Discharge Machining Process, 1990.

42. Vivek Bhagwat, Feature Recognition and Sequencing for CAPP of Prismatic Parts, 1990.

43. Bimal K Modi, Discrete Facilities Location and Allocation Problem: A Lagrangian Relaxation Approach, 1991.

44*. Atish S Ray, Design and Development of Computer Aided Process Planning System for Rolling, 1991

45*. B V Rao, Development and Implementation of Feature Recognition Algorithm for Prismatic Components, 1991.

46. Anant S Deshraj, Development of a Simulation Model for Comparison of Dispatching Rules in FMS, 1992.

47. Amarnath Reddy, Development of Generic Part Programmes for Various Geometries for CNC Turning and Milling, 1993

48. Mathew Cherian, Design and Development of a Database System for Manufacturing Planning and Control in a Make-to-Stock Environment, 1993.

49. Rakesh Kumar Verma, Algorithms for Integrated Feature Recognition, Machinability Check and NC Part Program Generation, 1993.

50*.Sudip K Majumder, Computer-Aided Process Planning System for Axi-Symmetric Components, 1994.

51. Capt. A V Ramesh, Design of a Manufacturing Information System for an Assemble-to-Order Environment, 1994.

52. Jayesh Sharma, Cell Formation - Algorithms and Comparisons, 1994.

53*. Neelesh Katiyar, An Expert System for Welding Process - THE WELDER, 1994.

54. Yashveer S Rathor, Technological Selection of Machines in Flexible Manufacturing Environment, 1994.

55*. Puneet Tandon, Computer-Aided Design of Modular Fixtures, 1995.

56*. Sumitesh Das, A Computer-Aided Process Planning for Injection Moulding, 1995.

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59. Arvind Kumar Yadav, Optimal Lot Size for Vendor-Purchaser(s) Joint Inventory Control Problem, 1995.

60*. Ajay K Das, A Decision Support System for Powder Metallurgy Processing, 1995.

61. Rajiv Seth, Comparison of Cellular Manufacturing Design Algorithms, 1995.

62*. Neeraj Kumar Bansal, Knowledge-Based System for Welding Process,1995.

63*.Vijaykumar S Kale, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing of Plate Cams, 1995.

64*.Narendra Kumar Gupta, Design and Implementation of a Knowledge-Based System for Antifriction Bearing selection, 1995.

65.Santosh Kumar Saxena, Object Oriented Simulation of Flexible Manufacturing System for Comparison of Dispatching Rules, 1996.

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68*.Rajesh Kumar Burman, A CAPP System for Fine and Finish Grinding, 1996.

68. Prashant Kumar Jha, Statistical Process Control Techniques in Automated Manufacturing Systems, 1997.

69. Rabindra K Panigrahi, A Structured Approach to Develop Quality System in Service Industries: A Study on Hotels, 1997.

70. Mahesh Gupta, Due Date Assignment and Information System Design for Shop Floor Control in Job Shop Environment, 1997.

71*.H Ram Mohan, Object Oriented Feature Based Tool Selection for Sheet Metal Components, 1997.

72*. Manas De, Development of a CAPP System for Ultrasonic Machining, May 1997.

73*. Shivendra Shukla, Development of a CAPP System for Hot Extrusion Process, December 1997.

74*. Ajay Kumar, Parameter Optimization for CAPP of Tandem Cold Rolling Mill, January 1998.

75. Puneet Kumar Tyagi, Simultaneous Scheduling of Machines and AGVs in an FMS Environment: A Simulation Study, January 1998.

76. Snajay Mishra, Performance Evaluation of Assembly Line Balancing Lines: Cases of Single and Multi/Mixed Line Models, February 1998.

77. Suman Raaj, A Truncated Tree Search Approach for Generalized Grouping, April 1998.
(on leave to AIT Bangkok, May 1998 - July 2000)

78. Vishwesh Sudhakar Khandkar, Simulation Study of Single and Multi-Echelon Inventory Control Systems using Arena, May 2001.

79. Kalyan Chakravarthy B, AHP Algorithms for Cell Formation: A Bottleneck Machine Based Approach, 2001.

80*.Poshan Lal Sahu, Development of Graph Theoretic Procedure for Automated and Integrated Setup Planning and Fixture Design, February 2002.

81*.Amitabh Parashar, Interactive Computer Assisted Part Programming for CNC Lathe, February 2002.

82. Arun Pratap Singh, A Multi Functional and Multi Dimensional Framework for Measuring Performance of Supply Chain, 2003.

83. Sameer Sharma, Application of Parametric Control Charts for Gear Cutting and assembly Operations at TATA Engineering: A Case Study, 2003.

84*.Deepak Arzare, Feature Based Design for Injection Molding, 2003.

85*.Anurudh Keshwani, A Simulation Model for Arrivals and Handling for Indian Airlines, 2004.

86*.Rajesh Matai, A General Genetic Algorithm Based Heuristics for Solving Integer Linear Programming Problem, 2004.

87. Payal Rusia, An Operational Supply Chain Management with Activity-Based Costing, 2005.

88. Saurabh Aggarwal, Impact of Double Exponential Smoothing Forecast on Bullwhip Effect in a Single Echelon Supply Chain for AR(1) Demand Process, 2006

89. I V B Karthikeya, A Decision Support System for Vendor Selection Using Pairwise Comparison and Fuzzy TOPSIS, 2007

90. Venkataram Prasad G, Application of Fuzzy Set Theory in the Design of Option Contract for Coordinating a Supply Chain with Uncertain Cost Parameters, 2008

91. Shakir Riyaz Ahmed Juolay, Primal and Dual Simplex Based Computation of CVaR-Expected Return Efficient Frontier, 2009.

92*.Lokendran K Devangan, Supply Chain Contracts with Inventory Level Dependent Demand and Random Uncertainty, 2010.

93*.Abhishek Sanwaliya, Classification of Financial Articles : A Combined NBKNN Technique Analysis, 2010.


  1. V Chandrasekar, Enterprise Resource Planning, 2002.
  2. Navneet Kumar, Mass Customization, 2003.
  3. Mayank Pande, Simulation of Transportation Costs for Dabur Pharmaceuticals Ltd., 2004

M.Sc. MATHS (5-Year Integrated) PROJECTS

  1. M. Mehrotra, Information System for Control Charts, 1987.
  2. A.K. Dass, Information System for Sampling Plans, 1987.


  • R Goamthi Nayakam, Reengineering Quality Control in Engineering Industry, August, 1996
  • Dr Ambedkar Institute of Productivity, National Productivity Council Madras, Chennai, 1996.


RESEARCH STUDIES (M Eng in Industrial Engineering & Management)

Inventory Management 3
Database and Information System 2
Materials Requirement Planning 2
Flexible Manufacturing System 1
  1. Mohammad Saeed Ahmed, Computer Based Inventory Accounting Information System for the Physical Plant of AIT, M. Eng., December, 1983.
  2. Md. Hasanuzzaman, Material Requirements Planning and Kanban Systems: Analysis, Planning and Implementation, M. Eng., December, 1983.
  3. Rama Krishna Kasturi, Design and Development of Purchasing Information Systems, M. Eng., December, 1983.
  4. Maung Lin, Analysis of Repairable Item Inventory Systems Using Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique (GERT), M. Eng., December, 1983.
  5. Kasob Suphasidh, Behavior of Material Requirements Planning in Imperfect Information Environment, M. Eng., December, 1983.
  6. Tzen Ya-Juei Jeffrey, Loading Problem in Flexible Manufacturing System, M. Eng., December, 1983.
  7. Tissa J. Warusawithana, Inventory Control of Items under Demand Substitution, M. Eng., December, 1983.
  8. Don N.D. Ramanayake, Information System for Asset Inventory of AIT, M.Sc., August, 1984.


  1. Computerized Accounts Receivable System
  2. Industrial Maintenance Management
  3. Marketing Information System
  4. Quality Control Circles
  5. Production Planning and Control
  6. Stochastic Network Analysis - GERT and its Applications
  7. Line Balancing
  8. Flexible Manufacturing System
  9. Electrical Energy Management
  10. Material Requirements Planning

MASTERS THESES at Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok (May 1998-July 2000)

Production Planning and Control 1
Quality Control 1
Flexible Manufacturing System 1
Vehicle Routing 1
Project Scheduling 1
Inventory Control 1
Computer-Aided Process Planning 1
Cellular Manufacturing 1
1*. Tran Thi Thu Ha, Multi-Level Lot Sizing in Multi-Stage Production-Inventory System, December 1998.

2. Ussanee, CUSUM and EWMA Control Charts for Process Control to Approach Six-Sigma Quality: A Case Study, 1999.

3. Pongsin, Design of an Effective Inventory Control Policy for Customer Supply Chain System: A Case Study, 1999.

4. Wahab M I M, Models for Measurement of Machine, Product, Mix Response and Routing Flexibilities in Flexible Manufacturing System, 1999.

5. Huy, Dynamic Multi-Mode Resource Constrained Project Scheduling: A Genetic Approach, 1999.

6. Thang, A Modified General Insertion (GENI) and Unstring (US) algorithm for Vehicle Routing with Backhauls, 1999.

7. Nepal B P, Development of Databases for Computer-Aided Process Planning, 2000.

8. Kwanniti, Heuristic Algorithms in Cellular Manufacturing System, 2000.