Technology Transfer

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

IPR Cell at IIT Kanpur was established in year 2000 to facilitate the Patent filing & maintenance, for the protection of Research and development work done at the Institute, acting as a connecting link to industry partners for the technology transfer and licensing activities, the cell provides a hand holding support in disclosing the latest technologies to Industry partners with an objective of translation of the technology at mass scale.

Our dedicated team is involved from the process of evaluating the invention disclosure form to filing, maintenance & licensing the technology to industry partners.

In order to expedite the journey from lab to industry, the team is actively engaged in disseminating & creating widespread awareness of developed technologies on social media & other platforms, so as to promote innovations for enhancing nation’s economic competitiveness.

The team at IPR cell work with an objective of protecting the invention through relevant IPR’s, and attract the industry partners for the commercialization of technologies.

For the dissemination of the latest technologies developed at the Institute to industry partners, IPR cell at IIT Kanpur showcases its inventions on various national and international innovation fairs, conferences & seminars.