Technology Transfer

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Sr no.Name of the InventorTitle of the InventionIPA No.Filed onPatent Grant No.Date
1 Prof. S. Sundar Manoharan (Chem) A Magneto Conductive Polymer Compositon for Read and Write Head and a Process for Preparation Thereof US - 09/829,410 09.04.2001 6627101 30.09.2003
2 Prof. S. Sundar Manoharan, Chem Magneto-resistive CrO2 Polymer Composite Blend US - 09/829,414 09.04.2001 6793841 21.09.2004
3 Prof. P K Bhattacharya (ChE) Process for the Recovery of Inorganic Sodium Compounds from Kraft Black Liquor 814/DEL/1995 03.05.1995 189310 05.05.2005
4 Dr. Sudipta Mukherjee (ME), Anupam Nagory (Student, ME) A Novel Attachment for Affixing to Luggage Articles 1321/DEL/1996 12.08.1996 192495 28.10.2005
5 Dr.K.Mahesh Sharma, Dr.Ajai Jain A System for Multiligual Machine Translation from English to Hindi and other Indian Languages using Pseudo-interlingua and Hybridized Approach 59/DEL/2003 22.01.2003 199912 08.10.2007
6 Prof. Kunal Ghosh (AE) A Device for Extracting Power from to-and-fro Wind 2673/DEL/1996 02.12.1996 212643 10.12.2007
7 Prof. K. A. Padmanabhan, Dr. Rajat Moona, Mr. Rohit Toshniwal, Mr. Bipul Parua Portable Computer Prinet 1521/DEL/1999 06.12.1999 212999 20.12.2007
8 Dr. Manindra Agrawal (CSE), Mr. Neeraj Kayal (Student, CSE), Dr. Nitin Saxena (CSE) Polynomial Time Deterministic Method for Testing Primality of Numbers US- 10/631,346 31.07.2003 7346637 18.03.2008
9 Prof. S. Sundar Manoharan (Chem) A Magneto Conductive Polymer Compositon for Read and Write Head and a Process for Preparation Thereof 859/DEL/2000 22.09.2000 216743 19.03.2008
10 Prof. S. Sundar Manoharan, Chem Magneto-resistive Polymer Composition 934/DEL/2000 13.10.2000 216966 20.03.2008
11 Prof. S. SundarManoharan (Chem), Manju Lata Rao A Magnetic Polymer Composition and Process for the Preparation of the Same 858/DEL/2000 22.09.2000 216744 24.03.2008
12 Prof. S. Sundar Manoharan (Chem) Magnetic Cro2 – Polymer Composite Blends 933/DEL/2000 22.09.2000 217159 27.03.2008
13 Prof. D.P.Rao ChE A Novel Rotating Packed Bed (RPB) Device for Distillation Process 358/DEL/2004 03.04.2004 226874 29.12.2008
14 Prof. S. SundarManoharan, CheM, Ranjan Kumar Shahu, Manju Lata Rao, M. Qureshi, J.prasanna Method for the Synthesis of Y-FE2O3 532/DEL/2001 27.04.2001 230364 26.02.2009
15 Dr. D Manjunath, Jayesh V Shah Split-table Atm Multicast Switch 983/DEL/1997 17.04.1997 233357 29.03.2009
16 Prof. S Sundar Manoharan, Chemistry, Dr. T R Muralidharan,Professor, Cardiologist,Sri Ramachandra Medical College,Porur, Chennai A Coronary Stent with Nano Coating of Drug Free Polymer and a Process for Preparation Thereof 1197/DEL/2009 11.06.2009 291502 11.06.2009
17 Dr. J Ramkumar, ME, Dr. Satyaki Roy,HSS,Design Programme, Mr. Sathish Sekar, Student The Drift-battery Operated Campus Vehicle 234987 03.07.2011 Design 01.01.2010
18 Prof. Anil Kumar (CHE), Mr. Manohar Lal Malhotra & Mr. Ashish Bhowmick, Jubilant Organosys, Noida Process for Nitration of Macromolecules 2350/DEL/2004 23.11.2004 239584 25.03.2010
19 Dr. J Ramkumar, ME, Mr. Sathish Sekar A Multipurpose Transporter with Modular Configuration 232708 18.11.2010 Design 26.08.2011
20 Dr. Bishakh Bhattacharya (ME), Mr. Atul R Sultane A Green Harvesting Device for Low Power Electronic Equipment 232707 18/11/2010 Design 26.08.2011
21 Dr. Kamal K Kar (ME), Mr. Prahbat K.Agnihotri (MME), Sanjay Dasgupta, ISRO A Nickel Coated Carbon Fiber Re-inforced Polymer Composites and a Method for the Preparation Thereof 3062/DEL/2005 16.11.2005 249343 18.10.2011
22 Dr. Kamal K Kar (ME), Sanjay Dasgupta, Mr. Prahbat K. Agnihotri (MME) A Method for Preparation of Nanoparticles Coated Carbon Fiber 3063/DEL/2005 16.11. 2005 250274 21.12.2011
23 Dr.Kamal K. Kar, Mr.Prashant Kumar, Mr.Tinku K. Sah, Mr. S.D. Sharma A Method of Preparing Fiber Reinforced Plastic Articles using Rubber Pressure Moulding Technique 2078/DEL/2004 25.10.2004 250274 23.02.2012
24 Dr. D.P. Mishra, AE An Improved Tandoor 1292/DEL/2004 14.07.2004 251576 24.03.2012
25 Ms.Shanu Sharma (Student), Prof. Shatarupa Thakur Roy (DP),Prof. Satyaki Roy (DP), Dr. J Ramkumar (ME), Mr. Sathish Sekar (Student) Stair Climbing Wheel Chair 238758 09.11.2011 Design 13.07.2012
26 Dr. R. Balasubramaniam,MME and Mr. Gadadhar Sahoo,PhD Scholar Corrosion Resistant Phosphoric Iron for Concrete Embedment and Reinforcement 1823/DEL/2005 14.07.2005 253452 23.07.2012
27 Prof. K Muralidhar,(ME), Mr. Manoj Sharma (ME), Mr. Ankit Jain (ME) & Mr. Ras Dwivedi (ME), Mr. Prateek Khanna, Mr. A Rama Rao Multi Drug Delivery Medical Pump 238757 08.11.2011 Design 10.08.2012
28 Prof. D P Rao, GAIL & IITK Fixed Bed Hypersorber and a Process for Fractionation of Fluid Mixtures using the Same 705/DEL/2003 19.05.2003 254118 20.09.2012
29 Dr. S Sundar Kumar Iyer, EE A Contact-less Smart Card Reader System and a Method for Contact-less Powertransfer in Said Reader System 2190/DEL/2005 17.08.2005 254588 22.11.2012
30 Dr. V.K. Jain (ME), Dr. Raghu-Ram, SRE (ME), MR. D.K. Singh, PhD Scholar (ME) A Method for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing using a Pulsating Flexible Magnetic Abrasive Brush and a Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Device 1990/DEL/2005 27.07.2005 255664 13.03.2013
31 Dr. V. K .Jain (ME) and Mr. S. Jha, PhD scholar (ME) An Abrasive Flow Finishing Device, an Abrasive Flow Finishing Process and Magnetorheological Polishing Fluid 1991/DEL/2005 27.07.2005 255847 26.03.2013
32 Dr. A. Upadhyaya, Dr. Balasubramaniam (MME) & Mr. J. Shankar, Former M.Tech. student Rare Earth Oxide Dispersed Sintered Stainless Steels (Reo-Steels) 1224/DEL/2006 18.05.2006 255842 26.03.2013
33 Dr. Kamal K. Kar, ME , Dr.Animesh Biswas, EE& Mr. Ahankari Sandeep Sureshrao, PhD student Materials Science Programme) Functionally Graded Wide-band Polymeric Composites for Microwave Absorbers and Method of Manufacturing Same 737/DEL/2007 30.03.2007 255975 10.04.2013
34 Dr. Anupam Pal, BSBE, Sreeup Banerjee, Sudeepa Dikshit Four Dimensional Reconstruction and Charaterization System US - 12/883,649 16.09.2010 8463021 11.06.2013
35 Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya, Palvali Teja B ASJQ: Skylines with Aggregate Operations Over Multiple Relations US - 13/072,916 28.03.2011 8504581 06.08.2013
36 Prof. Sundar Manohar Doped Aluminum Oxides US - 13/321,146 15.04.2011 8524178 03.09.2013
37 Prof. Ashutosh Sharma (Chemical Engg.), Mr. Ankur Verma (Student), G U Kulkarni, (JNCASR) Micropattern Generation with Pulsed Laser Diffraction US - 13/359,798 27.01.2012 8545945 01.10.2013
38 Dr. Ashok Kumar, BSBE Cryogels of PVA-boronic Acid Containing Co-polymers for Cell Culture US - 13/880,020 17.04.2013 8569062 29.10.2013
39 Dr. Dhirendra Katti, BSBE, Dr. Anupam Pal, BSBE, Mr. Shaunak G Pandya, M.Tech student, BSBE Image Based Structural Characterization of Fibrous Materials US - 12/870,569 27.08.2010 8571267 29.10.2013
40 Dr. KK Kar, ME & Mr. Ariful Rahaman, PhD Scholar (MSP) Carbon Nanotube(s) Coated Cutting Tool(s) and a Method of Manufacture Thereof 735/DEL/2007 30.03.2007 257845 12.11.2013
41 Prof. Ashutosh Sharma and Ankur Verma (Student) Miniature Lenses, Systems and Methods of Making the Same US - 13/176,565 05.07.2011 8587881 19.11.2013
42 Dr. Kamal K Kar (ME), Prof. Prashant Kumar (ME), Prof. N.G. R. Iyengar (AE), Mr. Prahbat Kumar (MME) Carbon Nanotube and Nanoparticle Coated Carbon Fiber Reinforced-polymer Hybrid Nanocomposite with Improved Thermomechanical Properties and a Process for Preparation Thereof 1813/DEL/2005 14.07.2005 258293 27.12.2013
43 Dr. Nishith Verma, ChE & Mr. Rupesh Verma, Graduate student Novel Liquid-solid Radially Cross-flow Multi-stage Fluidized Bed Contactor 830/DEL/2007 16.04.2007 258376 03.01.2014
44 Dr. Ashutosh Sharma, Manoj Gonuguntala, PhD student (ChE), & S Subramanian, M.Tech (ChE) A Method and Apparatus for the Formation of Patterns on Surfaces and an Assembly and Alignment of the Structure Thereof 2787/DEL/2005 19.10.2005 258688 31.01.2014
45 Dr. S Sundar Kumar Iyer (EE), Dr. Baquer Mazhari (EE), Mr. Chander Pal, Stud (M.Tech) A Method of Varying Threshold Voltage in Mosfets 2056/DEL/2005 02.08.2005 258953 18.02.2014
46 Dr. Kamal K Kar, ME, Mr. Sumit Pramanik, PhD student, MSP Hydroxyapatite Poly (Etheretherketone) Nanocomposities and Method of Manufacturing Same US - 13/147,502 02.08.2011 8652373 18.02.2014
47 Dr. Kamal K. Kar & Mr. Pradip Paik A Process for Preparation of Nanoparticles of Higher Molecular Weight of Polyethylene Polypropylene and Polystyrene 3161/DEL/2005 25.11.2005 260562 08.05.2014
48 Prof. D. P. Rao, Mr. S. V. Sivakumar & Mr. Praveen Kr (ChE) New Duplex Adsorption Process for Fractionation of Gas Mixture 1567/DEL/2006 04.07.2006 261050 30.05.2014
49 Dr. Siddhartha Panda, CHE, Mr. Hakeem Abrar Ahmed, M.Tech student, ChE Flexible Temperature Sensor and Sensor Array US - 13/142,843 29.06.2011 8783948 22.07.2014
50 Dr. S Sundar Manoharan, CHM Zinc Chalcogenides, Doped Zinc Chalcogenides and Methods of Making US - 13/371,063 10.02.2012 8801972 12.08.2014
51 Dr. Abhijit Kushari (AE) Mr. Mahindra Singh Rawat (AE) A Twin- Fluid Internally Mixed Swirl Atomizer 180/DEL/2004 09.02.2004 262457 22.08.2014
52 Dr. Kamal K Kar, ME, Mr. Ariful Rahman, PhD student, ME, Mr. Raghunandan Sharma, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal Filament Including Carbon Nanotubes And Method Of Making A Filament Including Carbon Nanotubes US - 13/017,303 31.01.2011 8853932 07.10.2014
53 Dr. Ashok Kumar, BSBE Hydrogel Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering US - 13/885,839 16.05.2013 8883503 11.11.2014
54 Prof. Ashutosh Sharma , R. Mukharjee, PhD stud't, D. Faruqi (M.Tech), Dual & Ganesh Patil (M.Tech) A Process for Generating Micro and Sub Macro Patterns on the Surfaces or Layers of Polymers 1519/DEL/2006 28.06.2006 263318 20.11.2014
55 Prof. K Muralidhar , ME & Mcgregor Robert, Switzerland, Szczerba Dominik, Poland, Szekely Gabor, Switzerland Method, System and Device for Enhancing Flow Field Data US - 13/059,328 25.08.2008 8898022 25.11.2014
56 Dr. KK Kar, ME & Mr. Ahankari Sandeep Sureshrao, PhD student (MSP) Functionally Graded Magnetic Materials and a Method for Preparation of the Same 680/DEL/2007 28.03.2007 264621 12.01.2015
57 Dr.Kunal Ghosh A Wind Turbine Device 570/DEL/2005 16.03.2005 265417 24.02.2015
58 Dr. Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Mr. Deepak Agarwal, M.Tech student (CE) Design of an Integrated System for using Straight Vegetable Oils as Fuels for Diesel Engines 587/DEL/2006 07.03.2006 269719 11.03.2015
59 Dr. Avinash Kumar Agarwal, ME Conversion of Vegetable Oils to Biodiesel 2114/DEL/2006 26.09.2006 267538 22.07.2015
60 Dr. Ashish Garg, MME, Dr. H.C. Verma, Phy, Mr. Mukesh Roy, Ph.D. student (Phy), Mr. Prem Prakash, M.Tech Student (MME) Novel Low Temperature Synthesis of Nd-doped Bismuth Titanate Nanoparticles 804/DEL/2007 12.04.2007 268078 21.08.2015
61 Dr.Kamal K. Kar, Mr.Pradip Paik A Process for Preparation of Micron Sized High Molecular Weight Polymer 2503/DEL/2004 16.12.2004 268253 31.08.2015
62 Dr. Kamal K Kar (ME), Dr. J. Ram Kumar (ME) & Mr. Piyushkumar Bipinchandra Tailor (M.Tech Student-ME) A Novel Viscoelastic Media Used for a Nano-finishing of Materials Through Abrasive Flow Machining Process and a Method of Manufacture Thereof 591/DEL/2007 19.03.2007 268746 15.09.2015
63 Dr. D.P. Mishra,AE & Mr. S.C Nayak Recuperative Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Vortex Burner System 3197/DEL/2005 29.11.2005 269392 19.10.2015
64 Dr. B.K. Mishra (MME), Dr. Sandeep Sangal (MME) & Mr. Debasis Chaira (PhD student, MME) Synthesis of Stable Nanocrystalline Iron Carbides by Reaction Milling in a Dual-drive Planetary Mill 1021/DEL/2007 10.05.2007 274931 10.01.2016
65 Dr. Ashutosh Sharma, ChE, Dr. Animangsu Ghatak, ChE, Apurba Lal Das, Apurba Lal Das, M. Tech. Student (ChE), Vivek KatiyerM. Tech. Student (ChE), Rabibrata Mukherjee, Ph. D student (ChE) & Manish Kulkarni, Post Doctoral Fellow (ChE) A Process for Generating Miniaturised Replicas of a 2D or 3D Pattern or an Object 522/DEL/2007 09.03.2007 271276 12.02.2016
66 Dr. Ashok Kumar, BSBE & Ms. Era Jain, PhD student(BSBE) Macroporous Polymeric Matrix and Process of Preparation Thereof 2275/DEL/2009 05.11.2009 271673 29.02.2016
67 Dr. Ajit K. Chaturvedi, EE & Mr. Ketan Rajawat student (EE) A Low Complexity Symbol Timing Estimator for Mimo Modem using Two Samples per Symbol 1857/DEL/2006 18.08.2006 272223 22.03.2016
68 Prof. Ashutosh Sharma (Chemical Engg), Mr. Sandip Patil, Research Sacholar,(Chemical Engg) Composite Reusable Adhesives Japan - 2014-546674 09.03.2012 5914692 08.04.2016
69 Dr. K S Venkatesh (EE), Ms. Preeti Dubey Convergent Matrix Factorization Based Entire Frame US - 13/ 264,712 14.10.2011 9311897 12.04.2016
70 Dr. Ashok Kumar, BSBE PVA-boronic Acid Containing Copolymer Compositions for Protein Delivery US - 13/880,299 18.04.2013 9345773 24.05.2016
71 Dr. Kamal K Kar (ME), Mr. Prahbat K.Agnihotri (MME), Sanjay Dasgupta, ISRO A Carbon Nanotubes Coated Long Fiber and a Process for Preparation Thereof 3061/DEL/2005 16.11.2005 273503 13.06.2016
72 Prof. Baquer Mazhari (EE), Mr. Himanshu Joshi and Mr. Shashi Bhushan Singh Polysillicon Amoled Self- Biased Cascode Pixel Circuit with Highly Linear Transfer Characteristics 1774/DEL/2004 20.09.2004 274196 14.07.2016
73 Dr. Kamal K. Kar, ME & Mr. Ahankari Sandeep Sureshrao, PhD student Materials Science Programme) A Novel Functionally Graded Polymer(s)/polymeric Nanocomposite(s) [FGP(s)]/FGPNC(s)] having Glass Transition Temperature Variation and a Process for Preparation Thereof 681/DEL/2007 28.03.2007 274813 10.08.2016
74 Dr. Kamal K. Kar, ME & Mr. Ahankari Sandeep Sureshrao, PhD student Materials Science Programme) Functionally Graded Polymer Nanocomposites/composites having Crosslinking Density Variation and Their Manufacture 736/DEL/2007 30.03.2007 275001 18.08.2016
75 Dr. Deepak Gupta (MSE), Dr. SSK Iyer, Dr. Monica Katiyar and Mr. Dipti Gupta Organic Thin Film Transistors with Vertical Source and Drain Separation 1775/DEL/2004 20.09.2004 275162 24.08.2016
76 Prof.J.Ramkumar(ME), Prof.Uday S Racherla (IME), Mr.Shivakumar (Student, DP) Business Purpose Utility Vehicle-vegetable Cart 277648 18.11.2015 Design 31.08.2016
77 Prof.J.Ramkumar(ME), Prof.Uday S Racherla (IME), Mr.Shivakumar (Student, DP) Business Purpose Utility Vehicle-ironing Cart 277651 18.11.2015 Design 31.08.2016
78 Dr. S. Sundar Kumar Iyer, EE, Dr. Ramanathan Gurunath, Chemistry, Arun Tej M. PhD student, (EE), Basanta Kumar Rajbongshi, PhD student, (Chem), Gitalee Bhattacharjya, Graduated PhD student (Chem) & Vibhor Jain, Student MTech Dual (EE) An Improved Organic Optoelectronic Device 1231/DEL/2007 07.06.2007 271903 03.09.2016
79 Prof.Shantanu Bhattacharya (ME), Dr.Jhumkee Iyengar(Visiting Faculty,DP), Charu(Student,DP) Design for Disability:a Waist Wearable for Visually Challenged for Indoor Navigation 277650 18.11.2015 Design 12.09.2016
80 Prof.J.Ramkumar(ME), Prof.Uday S Racherla (IME), Mr.Shivakumar (Student, DP) Peltify Wearable Device for Thermoregulation 277649 18.11.2015 Design 16.09.2016
81 Dr. Ashok Kumar, BSBE, Mr.Anuj Tripathi, Senior Project Associate, BSBE Polymer Matrix Scaffold and Process for Preparation Thereof 2851/DEL/2008 16.12.2008 276276 14.10.2016
82 Prof.J.Ramkumar(ME), Prof.Uday S Racherla (IME), Mr.Shivakumar (Student, DP) Business Purpose Utility Vehicle-saloon 277652 18.11.2015 Design 18.11.2016
83 Prof.Baquer Mahari, EE, Ms. Ankita Gangwar, Student Thin Film Transistor with a Current- Induced Channel US - 14/380,726 20.06.2013 9515273 06.12.2016
84 Prof. Ashutosh Sharma (Chemical Engg.), Mr. Ankur Verma (Student), G U Kulkarni, (JNCASR) Micropattern Generation with Pulsed Laser Diffraction US - 14/016,281 03.09.2013 9527730 27.12.2016
85 Prof. Baquer Mazhari, (EE), Ms. Ankita Gangwar Organic Thin Film Transistor Merged with a Light Emitting Diode Using an Accumulation Layer as Electrode US - 14/644,220 11.03.2015 9536935 03.01.2017
86 Prof. Ashutosh Sharma (Chemical Engg), Mr. Sandip Patil, Research Sacholar,(Chemical Engg) Composite Reusable Adhesives US - 13/982,458 09.03.2012 9540546 10.01.2017
87 Dr. Chandravalee Iyengar, Ms. Mitali Bhasin, MR. Sachin N P, Ms. Sneha Parhi, Mr. Swayamsidha Panigrahi, Ms. Apoorva Aggarawal Project Umbrella
2325/2016-CO/L 26.02.2016 L-64765/2017 14/02/2017
88 Dr. Sudeep Bhattacharjee, Physics, Mr. Jose V. Mathew, PhD Student Focused Ion Beam Systems and Methods of Operation US - 14/891,046 18.03.2014 9576767 21.02.2017
89 Ms.Jhumkee (Chandravalee) Iyenger, Visiting
Faculty, Design program, Mr.R.Prithvi Raj (Student,Design program) and
Mr.M.Kirti Kalyan (Student,Design program)
Career Cards
1525/2016-CO/L 05.02.2016 L-64980/2017 06.03.2017
90 Dr. Kamal K Kar, ME, Mr. Ariful Rahman, PhD student, ME Carbon Nanofiber/carbon Nanocoil Coated Substrate and Nano Composites 2013-528775
09.11.2010 6106086 10.03.2017
91 Dr.J.Ramkumar(ME), Dr. Raman Saxena(ISB), Mr. Shailendra Kumar(DP) Milkman Bicycle 289822 04.01.2017 Design 10.03.2017
92 Mr. Shobit Gautam, Mr. Rahul Kothari, Mr. Ashwin Gandhi, Mr. Ankit Belchandan and Dr. Nachiketa Tiwari Door Latch with Inbuilt Locking System 280700 22.02.2016 Design 27.03.2017
93 Dr. S. Anantha Ramakrishna, Phy and Mr. Govind Dayal Singh Metamaterial Structures for Q-switching in Lasers US - 14/131,899 17.04.2013 9627840 18.04.2017
94 Dr. J. Ram Kumar, ME & Sunil Jha Student (ME) Magnetic Float Levitative Finishing 883/DEL/2007 20.04.2007 284310 20.04.2017
95 Dr. Jamuna R. Subramaniam, Senior Research Scientist, BSBE & Upasna Arya, Graduate Student, BSBE A Composition & Mechanism to Extend Life Span of an Organism and Protection Against Neo Degenerative Diseases 1971/DEL/2008 20.08.2008 281643 01.05.2017
96 Mr.Sachin NP, MDES Tea Maker 283233 07.05.2016 Design 05.05.2017
97 Dr. Partha Sarathi Sensharma, EE & Rakesh Kr. Sinha, M.Tech student (EE) Improved Single Phase Phase-locked Loop 349/DEL/2007 20.02.2007 283338 16.05.2017
98 Mr. Saumen Mandal, Prof. Monica Katiyar, MSE & SCDT Organic Thin Film Transistors and Methods for Their Manufacturing and Use US - 14/782,600 05.10.2015 9680097 13.06.2017
99 Dr. Dhirendra Katti, BSBE, Neha Arya, Ph.D. student (BSBE) & Syandan Chakraborty M.Tech. (BSBE) A Process for Synthesis of Polymeric Micro/nano-particles for Drug (Bioactive Agent) Delivery Applications 645/DEL/2008 14.03.2008 285405 19.07.2017
100 Mr.Sachin NP (Student), Mr.Ashwin Gandhi (Student) Electric Mono Wheel Cycle (Z0-E) 284940 04.07.2016 Design 20.06.2017
101 Dr. Sudeep Bhattacharjee, Physics, Mr. Samit Paul, PhD Student, Physics System and Method for Characterizing Focused Charged Beams US - 14/397,478 27.10.2014 9733366 15.08.2017
102 Mr. Eshan Sadasivan (DP), Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya (ME), Prof. Mainak Das (BSBE), Prof.Toshib Bagde (DP), Mr. Abhinav Basak (DP) School Bag Convertible to
Study Table
287945 24.10.2016 Design 06.09.2017
103 Mr. Ashish Mohandas (DP), Mr. Gautham TR (DP), Dr. Koumudi Patil(HSS), Mr.Karthik PB(Student, DP), Ms. Pratiti Sarkar(DP) 2 Shades, a Collaborative/cooperative Board Game
8827/2017-CO/L 30.05.2017 L-68449/2017 09.09.2017
104 Mr. Mritunjay Kumar (Student), Mr. Aboobacker Siddique (Student) and Dr. J Ramkumar (ME) Samaritan (Phototherapy Unit) 287986 03.11.2016 Design 18.09.2017
105 Prof. Satyajit Banerjee (Phy), Shyam Mohan, Research Scholar, Physics, Jaivardhan Sinha, Research Scholar, Physics Systems and Methods for Imaging Characteristics of a Sample and for Identifying Regions of Damage in the Sample US - 13/878,944 12.03.2014 9778202 03.10.2017
106 Dr. Sunil Jha, Project Engineer, Dept. of ME, Dr.J.Ram Kumar Dept. of ME, Mr.Sandeep Nair, M.Tech (Student) A Device for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of Multiple Workpieces and Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process 2309/DEL/2008 06.10.2008 288690 06.10.2017
107 Dr. Ajit Kr Sharma, (Chemical Engg.), Prof.Ashutosh Sharma, (Chemical Engg.), Prof. Nishith Verma, (Chemical Engg.) Bi-metal Nanoadsorbents and Methods for Their Preparation and Use US - 13/482,564 29.05.2012 9809466 07.11.2017
108 Prof. Nishith Verma, ChE & Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, ChE Process for Synthesis of Sonicated Hierarchal Web of Carbon Micro-nano-fiber and Applications Thereof 1157/DEL/2009 05.06.2009 289550 14.11.2017
109 Prof. B Mazhari, (EE), Mr. Arjit Ashok, Student, (EE) Four-terminal Gate-controlled Thin- Film Organic Thyristor US - 15/026,705 28.12.2013 9831453 28.11.2017
110 Prof. Nishith Verma, Prof. Ashutosh Sharma and Mr. Prateek Khare Metal Nanoparticles-doped Antibacterial Agents and Methods of Preparation and Use CHINA - 201410410762.9 20.08.2014 104770395 28.11.2017
111 Dr. Kamal K. Kar, ME & Sumit Pramanik, PhD student Spherical Crystalline Nano Hydroxyapatite and Method of Manufacture from Calcium Oxide 1901/DEL/2008 12.08.2008 290045 28.11.2017
112 Dr. Raghubir Singh Anand SRE (EE), Dr. Anjali Giri Sr. Project Asso. (EE) & Mr. Ramesh Prasad, Project Technician (EE) An Organic/polymer Low Information Content Displays 1525/DEL/2006 28.06.2006 290069 29.11.2017
113 Dr.J.Ramkumar(ME), Dr. Raman Saxena(ISB), Mr. Shailendra Kumar(DP) Bicycle for Carrying Food Articles 289821 04.01.2017 Design 04.12.2017
114 Prof. Nishith Verma, Prof. Ashutosh Sharma and Mr. Prateek Khare Metal Nanoparticles-doped Antibacterial Agents and Methods of Preparation and Use US - 14/462,580 19.08.2014 9844222 19.12.2017
115 Ms. Ritika Singh (Student, DP), Dr. Koumudi Patil (HSS) Katha
9621/2017-CO/L 16.06.2017 L-71516/2017 19.12.2017
116 Prof. Baquer Mazhari, (EE), Ms. Ankita Gangwar Organic Thin Film Transistor Merged with a Light Emitting Diode Using an Accumulation Layer as Electrode CHINA - 201510109094.0 12.03.2015 104916659 26.12.2017
117 Mr. Kaniska Biswas(PhD Student, DP), Dr.Tarun Gupta (CE), Mr. Santosh Pramanik (JTS, 4i Lab) Sensor for Black Carbon Determination of Air Sampler 292000 23.03.2017 Design 26.01.2018
118 Dr.J.Ramkumar, ME, Mr. Vimal C (Student,Design) Irilla (Lamp) 292052 17.04.2017 Design 07.02.2018
119 Dr. Rashmi Sanghi, FEAT Lab, Ms.Preeti Verma, Feat Lab A Method for Preparing Auto Capped Nano Particles Such as CDS in Continuous Flow Columns 1395/DEL/2008 12.06.2008 293606 28.02.2018
120 Prof. Ashutosh Sharma (Che), Mr. Kunal Mondal (Student, Che) and Mr. Shishir Katiyar (Project Ass, Che) Hierarchically Porous Polymer, Carbon, Silica and Composite Carbon/silica Monoliths with Ultra High Bet Surface Area Synthesized by Combined Templated Sol-gel and Micro-phase Separation for Applications in Supported Metal Catalysis US - 14/683,070 09.04.2015 9908102 06.03.2018
121 Dr. Koumudi Patil (HSS), Mr. Ashish Mohandas (DP, Student) Hand Lamp 293893 19.05.2017 Design 15.03.2018
122 Dr. Debabrata Goswami, Chemistry and students Sumit Ashtekar, M.Sc. (Integrated-Chemistry) & Amit Nag, Graduate , Chemistry Optical Enhancement of Two-photon Absorption Process 704/DEL/2008 19.03.2008 294338 15.03.2018
123 Dr. K. K. Kar, ME & Mr. Ahankari Sandeep Sureshrao, PhD.Student ,MME A Functionally Graded Elastomer Nanocomposites (FGENCS) and a Process for Preparation Thereof 3125/DEL/2005 23.11.2005 294568 20.03.2018
124 Mr. Kaniska Biswas (Student, DP), Anirudh Kurup(RA, DP), Anurag Yadav (RA, CE), Dr. Tarun Gupta (CE) Torchchucks, a New Type of Nunchucks Designed with Two Inbuilt Torch 293892 19.05.2017 Design 20.03.2018
125 Dr.J.Ramkumar(ME), Dr. Raman Saxena(ISB), Mr. Shailendra Kumar(DP) Bicycle for Vegetable Transport 289823 04.01.2017 Design 23.03.2018
126 Mr. Kaniska Biswas(PhD Student, DP), Dr.Tarun Gupta (CE), Mr. Santosh Pramanik (JTS, 4i Lab) Air Sampler 291999 23.03.2017 Design 30.03.2018
127 Prof. K S Venkatesh(EE), Mr. Yogesh Soniwal, Dr Amit Mitra (Maths-Stats) Convergent Monotonic Matrix Factorization Based Entire Frame Image Processing US - 14/883,645 15.10.2015 9940868 10.04.2018
128 Dr. B. Basu, MME, Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya, ME & Rajeev Kumar Singh (PhD scholar ME) A Method for Creation of 2 and 3-dimensional Micro Channels of Varied Dimensions using Replication and Molding Around a Wire 1455/DEL/2008 18.06.2008 295640 10.04.2018
129 Mr. Karthik PB (Student,DP), Dr. Koumudi Patil (HSS) Aligno, a Multi Layered Physical Map
9009/2017-CO/L 30.05.2017 L-74356/2018 10.04.2018
130 IIT Kanpur Trademark   23.05.2017 Trademark 31.05.2018
131 Mr. Kaniska Biswas(PhD Student, DP), Dr.Tarun Gupta (CE), Mr. Santosh Pramanik (JTS, 4i Lab) Air Sampler 291998 23.03.2017 Design 05.06.2018
132 Dr. Anjan Kumar Gupta Dept. of Pysics Mr. Reetesh Kr. Singh & Mr. Rajiv Shankar Sinha, students (Phy) Two Dimensional Nano Positioner 323/DEL/2007 15.02.2007 297474 07.06.2018
133 Ms. Shanu Sharma,Student (DP), Dr. Bishakh Bhattacharya, (DP), Mr. Arvind Shanmuga Sundaram M, Student, (DP) & Dr. J Ramkumar (DP) Hand Pump 249921 05.12.2012 Design 19.06.2018
134 Dr Arnab Bhattacharya, (CSE), Ms. Avani Nandini, Student (CSE) Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis US - 14/429,064 18.03.2015 10,007, 883 26.06.2018
135 Prof. Anil Kumar, ChE, Dr. Nitin Kaishtha, ChE Superior and Cost Effective Grease Feedstock from Polyethylene Mixed Waste 614/DEL/2010 16.03.2010 300779 06.09.2018
136 Dr. S.S.K.Iyer, EE, Dr.S.Quershi, EE, Mr.Sajad A.Lone,Ph.D student (EE) An Improved Lateral Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) on Selective Buried Oxide (selbox) and a Method for Manufacturing the Same 1478/DEL/2008 20.06.2008 300909 10.09.2018
137 Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya (CSE) , Mr. Shashwat Mishra Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis in Distributed Databases CHINA - 112014000072395 19.02.2014 105900057 02.10.2018
138 Dr. K S Venkatesh, EE, Mr. Durga Prasad Kethineedi, M.Tech Student, EE A Process for Compression of Surveillance Video Data for Long Storage in Smaller Storage Medium 2438/DEL/2009 26.11.2009 303133 15.11.2018
139 Mr. L V Sairam Jagatani, Student, Dr. Nirmalya Guha, HSS, Dr. J Ramkumar, ME Interactive Board Game 249922 05.12.2012 Design 22.11.2018
140 Prof. Bishakh Bhattacharya, Prof. Nachiketa Tiwari, Dr. J Ramkumar, Mr. Girijesh Mathur (Design) , Mr. Shivyansh Tandon (Mathematics), Mr. Chetan Lodhi (BSBE) Packaging System for Large Caliber Ammunition 280638 18.02.2016 Design 03.12.2018
141 Dr. Bikramjit Basu, MME, Mr. K Madhav Reddy, M.Tech student, MME, K Pavani Advanced Sintering System 1792/DEL/2010 30.07.2010 304051 05.12.2018
142 Dr. Anish Upadhyaya (MME) & Mr. G. Swaminathan, Sr. DGM, BHEL, Hybd Tubular Microwave Sintering Furnace 1147/DEL/2006 09.05.2006 304557 17.12.2018
143 Dr. Animangsu Ghatak, CHE, Ms. Anindita Sengupta Ghatak, Post Doctoral Fellow, CHE A System for Generating Crystal of Desired Size and Number Density of
a Biomolecule, and Process Thereof
1054/DEL/2011 11.04.2011 306053 22.01.2019
144 Dr. Monica Katiyar , Ms. Asha Sharma, Dr. Deepak Gupta, Dr. ShuSeki An Improved Organic Light Emitting Doide, and Improved Light Emitting Doide for Tuning the White Emission and Process for Fabrication Threof 1532/DEL/2005 14.06.2005 306138 23.01.2019
145 Dr. C. Venkatesan, AE, Dr. A. Kushari AE and Dr. C.S. Upadhyay, AE ,Mr. Sanjeev Kr. Gupta, Sr. Pro. Asso, AE Piston Based Resistor 1886/DEL/2007 06.09.2007 306832 05.02.2019
146 Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya (CSE) , Mr. Shashwat Mishra Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis in Distributed Databases US - 14/770,095 19.02.2014 10198481 05.02.2019
147 Dr. J RamKumar, Dept of ME, Dr. Prashant Kumar, Dept of ME Fabrication of Jute Fiber Sandwitch Composites 1688/DEL/2008 16.07.2008 306920 06.02.2019
148 Dr. V.K. Jain, ME, Dr. R.Shekhar, MME, Dr. D.S. Bilgi, Mrs. Anjali V. Kulkarni, SRE, ME & Mr. Aatish Chavan, M.Tech (ME) Process for Drilling Contoured Deep Hole in Super Alloys using Sted to Enhance Cooling in Turbine Blades 1134/DEL/2007 29.05.2007 307582 19.02.2019
149 Prof. Partha Sarathi Sensarma (EE) and Mr. Vasav Gautam Photovoltaic Inverter System 1978/DEL/2014 14.07.2014 307744 21.02.2019
150 Dr. Ajit Kr Sharma, (Chemical Engg.), Dr Jayant K Singh, (Chemical Engg., Dr. Nishith Verma, (Chemical Engg.) Polymeric Nanocomposites and Methods for their Preparation and Use US - 14/435,432 01.10.2013 10227458 12.03.2019
151 Dr. Manas Kumar Ghorai, Chem, Deo Prakash Tiwari, Research Scholar, Chem Process for Prepartion of Chiral à Lactams 1870/DEL/2010 10.08.2010 308652 06.03.2019
152 Mr. Santosh Pramanik (JTS, 4iLab), Mr. Kaniska Biswas (Student, DP), Dr. Pratik Sen, Chem Designing Improvement and Implementing New Features to Conventional Ro(reverse Osmosis) Water Purifier Sytems 304338 03.04.2018 Design 05.03.2019
153 Dr. Ashish Garg, MME, Dr. B.K. Mishra,MME & Tapendu Mandal, PhD student (MME Process for Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite 828/DEL/2008 28.03.2008 310802 03.04.2019
154 DORA SMC Logo 3980574 23.10.2018 Trademark 17.04.2019
155 Dr. Kamal K. Kar, ME & S.K. Ariful Rahman, PhD student Method of Manufacturing of Carbon Nano Tube Coated Glass Fiber/ Fabric and its Hybric Nanocomposites 1996/DEL/2008 22.08.08 311758 29.04.2019
156 Prof.Ashok Kumar(BSBE) and Ms.Apeksha Damania (PhD Student,BSBE) Integrated Hybrid Bio-artificial Liver Bioreactor Design and Thereof US - 15/224,055 29.07.2016 10245368 02.04.2019
157 Prof. Nishith Verma (Chemical), Dr. J Ramkumar (ME) and Mr. Prateek Khare (PhD) Polymeric Nanocomposite Films with Embedded Channels and Methods of Their Preparation and Use US - 15/115,263 20.01.2015 10258975 16.04.2019
158 Dr. Sri Sivakumar, (Chemical), Dr. Raj Ganesh S Pala, (Chemical), Dr. Ragina Ragan, (Chemical & MSE), Mr. Arun Prakash Upadhyay Process for the Production of Directed Assembly of Tailored Monolayer and Multilayers of Nanoparticles on a Substrate 2169/DEL/2013 19.07.2013 311933 30.04.2019
159 Dr. AR. Harish, EE & Mr.Ravi Kr. Joshi Ph.D. student (EE) Wide Band Loop Antenna 1594/DEL/2006 07.07.2006 312928 21.05.2019
160 Prof. Sri Sivakumar, Prof. Deepak Kunzru (Chemical), Mr. Sachin Pal (Student) and Mr. Rupesh Singh (Student) Metallic Nanocatalyst and Process of Preparation Thereof 394/DEL/2015 11.02.2015 314732 26.06.2019
161 Prof. Animesh Biswas, EE, Mr. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava, Mr. Vishwa V. Mishra Dielectric Resonator 1972/DEL/2004 11.10.2004 316377 18.07.2019
162 Mr. Saumen Mandal, Mr. Rahul Sharma & Prof. Monica Katiyar, MSE & SCDT A Hybrid Ink Formulation and a Method for Preparing the Same 1161/DEL/2012 16.04.2012 317139 30.07.2019
163 Dr. Y.N. Singh, Dept. of EE, Rajiv Srivastava Research Scholar(EE), & Rajat Kumar Singh, Research Scholar(EE) WDM Optical Packet Switch Incorporating Fiber Bragg Gratings and Circulator 2706/DEL/2007 26.12.2007 318571 21.08.2019
164 Dr.Kamal K Kar(ME), Mr. Jayesh Cherusuri(Student,ME) Flexible Supercapacitors Utilizing Electrochemically Active Materials Based
Nanocomposite Hybrid Electrodes and Method of Manufacturing Thereof
201611000089 01.01.2016 318824 23.08.2019
165 Dr. S.P. Das & Dr. K.S. Venkatesh (EE), Mr. Pankaj Agarwal & Rajendu Choubisa (B.Tech EE class of 2004) A Power Supply System for Electronic Devices 258/DEL/2007 07.02.2007 319334 29.08.2019
166 Dr. Sri Sivakumar (Chemical), Dr. R G S Pala (Chemical), Mr. Arun Prakas Upadhyay (Chemical), Mr. Prasenjit Sadhukhan (Chemical) Process for Immobilization of Liquid Crystal on Solid Surface 1128/DEL/2014 25.05.2014 319412 29.08.2019
167 Mr. Jeyakumar M (Student) and Dr. J Ramkumar (ME) Tool for Measuring and Drawing Triangles 258029 07.11.2013 Design 29.08.2019
168 Dr. Kamal K. Kar & Mr. Pradip Paik A process for preparation of nanoparticles of higher molecular weight of polyethylene polypropylene and polystyrene 1135/DEL/2013 25.11.2005 319562 30.08.2019
169 Dr. Kamal K. Kar, ME, Sk Ariful Rahman & Mr. Niranjan Patra, both PhD students & Mr. Sanjay Dasgupta, Group Director, ISRO Controlled Growth of Carbon Nanocones on Carbon Fiber(s)/fabric and Method of Synthesis Thereof 1900/DEL/2008 12.08.2008 319669 02.09.2019
170 Dr. Sri Sivakumar, ChE, Dr. Ashok Kumar, BSBE , Mr. Haider Sami, Ph.D student, BSBE Nanoparticles Loaded Polymer Capsules, Process for Synthesis and Application Thereof 409/DEL/2011 17.02.2011 319724 03.09.2019
171 Dr. Kamal K. Kar & Mr. Pradip Paik A Process for Preparation of Nanoparticles of Higher Molecular Weight of Polystrene 1136/DEL/2013 17.04.2013 320069 09.09.2019
172 Dr. Manas K Ghorai, Chem, Mr. Sandipan Halder, Research Scholar, Chem Process for the Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Racemic and Non-racemic Piperidines 2403/DEL/2010 07.10.2010 321744 27.09.2019
173 Mr. Jeyakumar M (Student) and Dr. J Ramkumar (ME) Tool for Measuring and Drawing Quadrilateral 258028 07.11.2013 Design 30.09.2019
174 Dr. Tarun Gupta (CE), Mr. Roshna Kumar (Student, CHM), Mr. Ankur Bajaj (Student, BSBE) Electrosurgical Cautery with Suction Inbuilt 320342-001 01.08.2019 Design 30.09.2019
175 Prof. Sabyasachi Sarkar, Chem, Sharboni Ghoshal, M.Sc student, Chem, Sumit Kumar Sonkar, PhD Scholar, Chem. Carbon Nanocomposite Preparation and Uses Thereof 1647/DEL/2010 14.07.2010 322641 11.10.2019
176 Dr.Sathesh Mariappan(AP,AE) Dr.Anand Singh(AP,Chm), Sai sandeep Dammati(AE,Student), Kuchimanchi K Bharadwaj(PhD Student,AE), Santosh D.Jadhav(Student,Chm) Temperature Sensitive Paint for the Usage in Green Spectrum of Light 201611001597 15.01.2016 324934 13.11.2019
177 Mr.Ashish Kumar Agarwal, Anil Bawa, both M.Tech student (EE) & Dr. Baquer Mazhari, Dept. of EE A Dynamic Logic Family using only N or P-type Enhancement Mode-mosfet 2708/DEL/2007 26.12.2007 325232 18.11.2019
178 Prof. Kamal K Kar (ME) and Mr. Raghunandan Sharma Ferromagnetic Nanoparticle Encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes with High Encapsulation/filling Ratio for High Density 846/DEL/2014 24.03.2014 325310 19.11.2019
179 Dr. Amitabha Bandyopadhyay (BSBE), Mr. Paritosh Prashar (Student, BSBE), Mr. Prem Swaroop Yadav (BSBE) A Method of Measuring BMP Signaling using BMP Responsive Reported Cell Line 1180/DEL/2012 17.04.2012 325545 21.11.2019
180 SIIC Logo Startup Incubation & Innovation Centre

4177624, 4177625, 4177626, 4177627

In 4 Classes
15.05.2019 Trademark 28.11.2019
181 Dr. J Ramkumar, ME, Mr. Sathish Sekar A Multipurpose Transporter with Modular Configuration 3157/DEL/2010 29.12.2010 326730 04.12.2019
182 Dr. Sri Sivakumar (Che), Dr. Raj Ganesh Pala (Che), Ms. Shilpi Saxena (Student) and Mr. Rupesh Singh (Student) Core -shell Sinter Resistant Nanosphere 1440/DEL/2014 30.05.2014 329228 10.01.2020
183 Mr. Shubham Sharma (M.Tech Student, EE), Dr. Santanu K. Mishra (EE) A Noise Decoupling Method for Power PCBs in Low Power Converter Design

18061/2019-CO/A 15.11.2019 A-132628/2020 07.01.2020
184 Mr. Shyam Sunder nishad (PhD Student, ME), Mr. Anirban Choudhary (PhD Student, ME), Dr. Ashish Dutta(ME), Dr. Anupam Saxena(ME) Hand Exoskeleton for Assisting Stroke Patients in Full Extension Exercise of Three Fingers and Grasping/ball-squeezing Exercising 304112 27.03.2018 Design 08.01.2020
185 Dr.Priyanka Ghosh,CE,Dr.Krishanu Biswas,MSE & Mr.Sreyashrao S(Student,CE) Pond Ash-kaolinite Based Geopolymer Brick and Process for Manufacturing the Same 201711045206 15.12.2017 330194 24.01.2020
186 Ms. Ekta Surender (Student, Design Prog.), Dr. Koumudi Patil (HSS & Design Prog.) The Tinker Rhino

324805-001 17.12.2019 Design 24.01.2020
187 Prof. Kunal Ghosh, AE A Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for Augmenting Torque 212/DEL/2011 31.01.2011 330293 27.01.2020
188 Prof. Kamal K Kar (ME) and Mr. Pankaj Chamoli (Student) A Green Reduction Approach for Graphene Oxide Into Graphene Nanosheets by Urea 2059/DEL/2014 21.07.2014 330807 30.01.2020
189 Prof. Sanjay G Dhande, ME, CSE, Mr. Brij Mohan Shukla, PRE, CSE Signal Detection System 1617/DEL/2010 09.07.2010 331531 07.02.2020
190 Dr. Siddhartha Panda, ChE, Mr. Abhishek Agarwal, M.Tech student, ChE A Lithography Based Two Stage Reservoir in an Electrolyte Insulator Semiconductor Device 219/DEL/2010 01.02.2010 331541 07.02.2020
191 Dr. Siddhartha Panda, (Chemical), Mr. Satyendra Kumar (Complete) A Nanotextured Surface Immobilized Structure-modified Enzyme Biocatalyst 2966/DEL/2012 24.09.2012 332019 14.02.2020
192 Dr. Y. N. Singh & Mr. Manoj Panda (EE) An Architecture for Rearrangebly Non Blocking All Optical Cross Connect Wavelength Division Multiplexing Switching System 2513/DEL/2005 16.09.2005 332320 18.02.2020
193 Prof. Pradip Sinha (BSBE) , Dr. Anjali Bajpai (BSBE) Novel Fly Tumor Model and Methods of Screening Drugs Thereon 899/DEL/2013 25.03.2013 332608 21.02.2020
194 Prof.B.Mazhari,EE Ankita gangwar,EE(PhD Student) 9559754253 A 3D Integrated Universal Digital Gate 201611005433 16.02.2016 333504 28.02.2020
195 Prof.Ashok Kumar(BSBE) and Ms.Apeksha Damania (PhD Student,BSBE) Integrated Hybrid Bio-artificial Liver Bioreactor Design and Thereof UK - 201607061.7 22.04.2016 2548167 04.03.2020
196 Mr.Santosh Pramanik(Jr. Tech Superintendent,4i), Mr.Kaniska Biswas(DP), Mr.Abhijit Chandra Roy(PhD Student, ChE) Method for Fabricating Micro Structures 201711042059 23.11.2017 334378 11.03.2020
197 Prof. Sanjay G Dhande, ME/CSE, Mr. Brij Mohan Shukla, PRE, CSE Safety System for Vehicles 589/DEL/2011 04.03.2011 334574 13.03.2020
198 Dr.Ashutosh Sharma (CHE),Mr.Rudra Kumar(Student,CHE) & Ms.Shilpa(Student,CHE) Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of Waste Tyre Recycled Activated Carbon as an Anode in Li-ion Battery 201611031120 12.09.2016 335181 19.03.2020
199 Dr. Y.N. Singh, Dept. of EE, Rajiv Srivastava Research Scholar(EE), & Rajat Kumar Singh, Research Scholar(EE) All Optical Reflectors Based Wdm Optical Packet Switch 2707/DEL/2007 26.12.2007 335440 20.03.2020
200 Dr. Bishakh Bhattacharya (ME), Mr. Ankur Agarwal (Student, ME) A Modular Robotic System 2307/DEL/2011 08.08.2011 336061 27.04.2020
201 Prof. Kamal K Kar (MSP) and Mr. Jayesh Cherusseri (Research Scholar) Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Forest Grown on Carbon Fiber as Supercapacitor Electrodes and the Method of Preparation Thereof 1348/DEL/2014 22.05.2014 336221 29.04.2020
202 Dr. Ashutosh Sharma (ChE), Dr. Sri Sivakumar (ChE), Mrs. Gargi Mishra (PhD Student),Mr.Souryadeep Bhattacharyya (Student), Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Nanoparticles and Process of Synthesizing the Same for Ligand Free Intra-nuclear Delivery of Drugs 201711012363 07.04.2017 336663 11.05.2020
203 Prof. Kamal K Kar (ME) and Mr. Raghunandan Sharma Ferromagnetic Metal Nanoparticle Encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes as Nano-heaters for Cancerous Cell Treatment and Method of Manufacturing the Same 859/DEL/2014 25.03.2014 336939 18.05.2020
204 Dr. Sanjay G. Dhande (ME, Director, IIT Kanpur), Dr. Nachiketa Tiwari (ME), Ms. Joshima V. M. (M. Design Programme) A System for Providing the Users a Secured Service Relating to Deposit, with drawal and Transfer of One of Inputted and Processed Data Including Financial Instrument 1629/DEL/2010 12.07.2010 337103 19.05.2020
205 Dr. Kantesh Balani (MSE), Mr. Abdul Rahim Siddiqui (PhD. Student, MSE) Process for Preparation of Super Hydrophobic Coating 201611020049 11.06.2016 337294 26.05.2020
206 Prof. Kamal K Kar (ME) and Mr. Raghunandan Sharma Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Fuel Cells from Bio-waste Feather Fiber 1390/DEL/2014 26.05.2014 337419 27.05.2020
207 Mr. Tushar D. Deshpande (PhD, ChE), Mr. Yogesh R.G. Singh (Sr. Proj. Associate, Nanoscience), Dr. Sandip S. Patil (Project Scientist, Nanoscience), Dr. Yogesh M. Joshi (ChE), Dr. Ashutosh Sharma (ChE) Method of Fabricating Microporous Elastomer Thin Films with Controllable Surface Pore Morphology and Monomodal Pore Size Distributions 201811000964 09.01.2018 338299 10.06.2020
208 Dr.Vivek Verma (MSE), Dr.Ramanathan Gurunath (Chem), Mr. Amit Kumar Sonker(Research Scholar,MSE),Mr.Mezigebu Belay(Research Scholar,MSE), Mr.KousarJahan(Research Scholar,MSE) Development of Agar Based Bioplastics by Cross-linking with Diisocyanates 201811002306 19.01.2018 338729 18.06.2020
209 Mr. Raja Choudhary (MSE), Dr. Vandana Singh (MSE), Dr. Neelima Mahto (MSE), Dr. Kantesh Balani (MSE) Suspension Agitator 923/DEL/2014 31.03.2014 338895 19.06.2020
210 Mr. Kaniska Biswas (PhD Student, DP), Mr. Pushpal Dey (RA,DP), Ms. Esha Ray (Student, Earth Sciences), Dr. B. Bhattacharya (ME), Dr. Tarun Gupta (CE) Ergonomic Retractable Novel Stair (closed View) 301961 02.02.2018 Design 19.06.2020
211 Mr. Rama Satya Sandilya V (Student, MSE), Mr. Subhankar Khara (Student, MSE), Dr. Shashank Shekhar (MSE), Dr. Kallol Mondal (MSE), Dr. Sandeep Sangal (MSE) Method of Producing Multi-layered Steel with Variable Compositions 201711017031 15.05.2017 340072 01.07.2020
212 Mr. Shiv Singh (Chemical) and Prof. Nishith Verma (Chemical) Method for Preparation of Graphitic Carbon Micro-nanofiber-based Electrodes, Asymmetrically Dispersed with Bimetal Nanoparticles 654/DEL/2015 10.03.2015 340306 03.07.2020
213 Dr. Deepak gupta, MME, Mr.K.N.Narayanan Unni, Team Leader (Samtel), SCDT, MS.Girija S.Samal, Samtel Employee (resigned), SCDT A Blue Organic Light Emitting Diode and Method of Fabrication Thereof 2214/DEL/2008 22.09.2008 340450 05.07.2020
214 Dr. Kamal K. Kar (ME), Mr. Amit Kumar Yadav (Student), Mr. Deepak Pandey (Student), Ms. Sowntharya Logapperumal (Student) Method for Preparing Carbon Based Highly Flexible Smart Battery Micro Fiber in the Form of Lithium Ion Batteries 1985/DEL/2014 15.07.2014 340508 06.07.2020
215 Mr. Auhin Kumar Maparu (Student, CE), Dr. Sri Sivakumar (ChE), Ms. Beena Rai (TCS), Dr. Ashutosh Sharma (ChE) Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Nanostructures and Process of Synthesis Thereof 201711021885 22.06.2017 341241 13.07.2020
216 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Thakur (BSBE) and Mr. B. Gunasekhar (Student) Disaggregation and Solubilization of Synthetic Polypeptides 757/DEL/2015 20.03.2015 341560 14.07.2020
217 Mr. Ravi Sankar,Student (ME), Prof. V K Jain (ME) & Dr. J Ramkumar (ME) A Medium for Nano-finishing of Complex Component's Internal/external Surfaces and a Method for Preparation Thereof 712/DEL/2013 13.03.2013 342161 21.07.2020
218 Dr. Ashok Kumar (BSBE) A Biodegradable Smoke Filter Material 884/DEL/2013 22.03.2013 342267 23.07.2020
219 Dr. M. K. Ghorai (CHM), Mr. Masthanvali Sayyad (CHM), Mr. Yerramsetti Nanaji (CHM) A One-pot Process for the Synthesis of Indole and Indole Derivatives 3880/DEL/2015 27.11.2015 342557 27.07.2020
220 Mr. Bharat Bhushan (PhD Student), Dr. K. Mondal (MSE), Dr. B. S. Murty (MME, IIT Madras) A Two-step Method for Preparation of Micron Sized, Nano-porous Powder Particles 201711004877 10.02.2017 342468 27.07.2020
221 Mr. Siddhant Srivastava (PhD. Student, Design Prog.), Mr. Ayush Gupta (B.Tech Student, BSBE), Dr. Arshad Ahmad (KGMU), Dr. J. Ramkumar (ME & Design Prog.) Multipurpose Proctoscope: Nested Type

325057-001 27.12.2019 Design 28.07.2020
222 Prof. Animangsu Ghatak (Chemical) and Mr. Nitish Singh Adhesive Surface and its Process of Fabrication 26/DEL/2015 05.01.2015 342631 28.07.2020
223 Dr. Sri Sivakumar (Chemical), Dr. Raj Ganesh S Pala (Chemical), Mr. Arun Prakash Upadhyay (Student) and Mr. D K Behara (Student) Click Chemistry Based Approach to Improve the Photostability of Dyes for Long Term Stability Dye Sensitized Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting 109/DEL/2015 13.01.2015 342773 29.07.2020
224 Dr. Siddhartha Panda, CHE, Subham Datidar, M.Tech student, CHE Nanotextured Dielectric in Electrolyte Insulator Semiconductor Devices for Enhanced Sensitivity in Eloctrolyte-insulator-semiconductor Devices 1852/DEL/2010 05.08.2010 343673 08.08.2020
225 Mr. Siddhant Srivastava (PhD. Student, Design Prog.), Mr. Ayush Gupta (B.Tech Student, BSBE), Dr. Arshad Ahmad (KGMU), Dr. J. Ramkumar (ME & Design Prog.), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE), Mr. Virendra Singh (Technician, ME) Multipurpose Proctoscope: Hinge Type

325093-001 27.12.2019 Design 17.08.2020
226 Dr. S. Sundar Kumar Iyer (EE) & Mr. Arun Tej Mallajosyulla, PhD Scholar, A Solar Cell with Improved Light Absorption Capacity 933/DEL/2006 31.03.2006 344791 24.08.2020
227 Dr. Sanjay G. Dhande (Director), Dr. Nachiketa Tiwari (ME), Ms. Joshima V M (M. Design Programm) A System and Method for Transmitting Mails from a First Location to a Second Location 3100/DEL/2010 27.12.2010 345564 28.08.2020
228 mooKIT Logo mooKIT

4385322, 4385323 21.12.2019 Trademark 04.09.2020
229 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Thakur (BSBE) and Mr. Virendra Singh Prevention of Surface Adsorption of Calmidazolium Chloride to Inhibit Huntingtin Fragment Aggregation Linked to Huntington`s Disease 1182/DEL/2015 28.04.2015 346555 11.09.2020
230 Ms. Ekta Surender (Student, Design Prog.), Dr. Koumudi Patil (HSS & Design Prog.) Adu – Huli

4415129 21.01.2020 Trademark 21.09.2020
231 Dr. Vivek Verma (MSE), Mr. Sankalp Verma (PhD Student, MSE) Biodegradable Substrates for Flexible Electronics and Manufacturing Method 201711028088 08.08.2017 348713 06.10.2020
232 Prof. K S Venkatesh (EE) and Mr. Anindya Rai, (Student) Software Flutter Shutter Imaging System for Blur Removal using a High Speed Camera 3488/DEL/2013 29.11.2013 349539 19.10.2020
233 Prof. Deepak Gupta (MSE & SCDT), Prof. Ashish Garg (MSE & SCDT) & Ms. Deepa Singh (PhD Student) A Method of Fabricating High-performance Poly (Vinylidenedifluoride-trifluoroethylene),P(VDF-TRFE) Films 201611005439 16.02.2016 350008 23.10.2020
234 DoRA SBERTC - Syndicate Bank Entrepreneurship Research and Training Centre 4700541 13.10.2020 Trademark 09.11.2020
235 Ms. Shanu Sharma (Student, DP), Dr. Shatarupa Thakur Roy (DP), Dr. Satyaki Roy (DP), Dr. J. Ramkumar (ME), Mr. Sathish Sekar (Student, DP) A Self Propelled Stair Climbing Wheel Chair 2097/DEL/2011 25.07.2011 351234 10.11.2020
236 Dr. Srisivakumar (ChE), Dr. Raj Ganesh Pala (ChE), Ms. Shilpi Saxena (ChE) Process of Preparing Metal Nanoparticle Clicked Zeolite 201811041047 30.10.2018 352367 26.11.2020
237 Dr. J. Ramkumar (ME), Mr. Ravi Raj (Student, ME), Mr. Om Prakash (Tech Superintendent, Physics), Mr. Shantanu Agarwal (Research Engineer, Matribhoomi), Mr. Sunil Kumar (Student, ME) Grater

325203-001 30.12.2019 Design 07.12.2020
238 Mr. Auhin Kumar Maparu (Student, ChE), Dr. Sri Sivakumar (ChE), Ms. Beena Rai (TCS) Process for Synthesis of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Nanoparticles 201911009242 09.03.2019 353263 08.12.2020
239 Dr. Ashok Kumar (BSBE), Mr. Syed Muntazir Andrabi (BSBE), Ms. Prerna Singh (BSBE) Community Based Integrated Water Filter System for Clean Drinking Water 201911018305 08.05.2019 353533 11.12.2020
240 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Thakur (BSBE), Mr. Abhay Raj Joshi (Student, BSBE), Dr. Avinash Y. Gahane (Student, BSBE) Method of Extraction for a Non-ionic Surfactant Adsorbed on Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles 3003/DEL/2015 22.09.2015 354247 22.12.2020
241 Mr. Shivam Srivastava (Proj. Engg., EE), Dr. Parthasarathi Sensarma (EE) Frame Less Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System with Rotating Cleaning Brushes

325178-001 30.12.2019 Design 29.12.2020
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246 Mr. Shivam Srivastava (Proj. Engg., EE), Dr. Parthasarathi Sensarma (EE) Frame Less Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System with Rotating Cleaning Brushes by Pulley

325179-001 30.12.2019 Design 12.01.2021
247 Mr. Shivam Srivastava (Proj. Engg., EE), Dr. Parthasarathi Sensarma (EE) Frame Less Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System

325177-001 30.12.2019 Design 18.01.2021
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