International Symposium on Photovoltaic Science and Technology
Important Date : Abstract Submission 15 Nov 2009       Important Date : Abstract Acceptance 25 Nov 2009       Important Date : Paper Submission 10 Dec 2009      Important Date : Symposium Date 13 Jan 2010       Important Date : Conclave Dates 8 15 Jan 2010      
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Poster making contest

Name: Save the earth
One of the biggest problems world is facing these days is the energy crisis and lots of people still don't understand the problem being faced by the energy sector in the fuel cost and pollution problem. India has taken an initiative to make its renewable production to be about 20000 by the year 2020. But what is a nation without its people so people should realize that the ones who can influence this the most and who can bring the biggest impact are we the people ourselves!!! Coz we are the ones on the consumption side and we control the amount and the methods In which we use the energy. Lots of people have understood the problem and do contribute to solving the problem but still there are others who don't understand how much impact can be made by small efforts so we want you to make the people realize the importance of their efforts in making an impact on the environment . So in this poster contest you're suppose to make a poster depicting the importance of photo voltaics or green energy in general and show the people that they should make their efforts to make the impact .The most effective poster would be chosen as the winner

1st prize Rs 5,000
2nd prize Rs 3,000
3rd prize Rs 1,000
Submission deadline : 15th December
(also not decided in which form would the posters would be accepted)

Working model contest

Name : Track the sun
Problem statement
A solar panel can either be stationary or could be made to follow the sun by using a devise called tracker which keeps the sunlight and the solar panel in the same direction it can increase the efficiency of the solar panel by as much as 30% (more on the device in the links given below) So we want you to make a design and a working model of the tracker and the judging would be on the basis of the cost of each system, the effectiveness, the robustness of the design, the design should be sufficiently explained depicting each component (incomplete designs would not be accepted). Everything starting from programming the components to making the circuit would have to be done by you.

Structure of the contest

Abstract submission (also give the format of the abstract) : 3th December (out of which 10 entries would be selected)

Working model submission : (at the contest) 5 days before the symposium

12,000 1st
6,000 2nd
2,000 3rd
Tracker links

Schedule of the Symposium (PDF) and Schedule of Tutorials (PDF)