International Symposium on Photovoltaic Science and Technology
Important Date : Abstract Submission 15 Nov 2009       Important Date : Abstract Acceptance 25 Nov 2009       Important Date : Paper Submission 10 Dec 2009      Important Date : Symposium Date 13 Jan 2010       Important Date : Conclave Dates 8 15 Jan 2010      
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Organizing Committee

Conclave Chairman

Dr. Anoop Singh

Conclave Co-Chairman

Dr. Sameer Khandekar

Dr. S. Kar EE, IIT, Kanpur
Dr. Jitendra Kumar MSP, IIT Kanpur
Dr. S. Manoharan Chem, IIT Kanpur
Dr. S. Qureshi EE, IIT, Kanpur
Dr. Ajit Chaturvedi, EE, IIT, Kanpur
Dr. Aloke Dutta EE, IIT, Kanpur
Dr. Utpal Das EE, IIT, Kanpur
Dr. Joseph John EE, IIT, Kanpur
Dr. Deepak Gupta MME, IIT Kanpur
Dr. B. Mazhari EE, IIT Kanpur
Dr. S.S.K. Iyer EE, IIT Kanpur
Dr. S. Panda Chem. Engg, IIT Kanpur
Dr. Ashish Garg MME, IIT Kanpur
Dr. S.P. Das EE, IIT, Kanpur
Dr. P.S. Sensarma EE, IIT Kanpur
Dr. Shantanu Mishra EE, IIT Kanpur
Dr. Anoop Singh IME, Kanpur
Dr. Sameer Khandekar ME, IIT Kanpur
Dr. M.K. Das ME, IIT Kanpur
Dr. Raj Ganesh Pala Chem. Engg, IIT Kanpur
Dr. Bahniman Ghosh EE, IIT Kanpur
Dr. Santosh Tripathi DMSRDE, Kanpur
Dr. T.H. Goswami DMSRDE, Kanpur
Dr. Monica Katiyar MME, IIT Kanpur
Dr. R.S. Anand EE, IIT Kanpur

Schedule of the Symposium (PDF) and Schedule of Tutorials (PDF)