Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Entry to IITK campus through Main gate

Procedure : The right of entry to IITK campus is restricted. Hence, a visitor will be asked by the security personnel (SP) the reason for his/her visit to ensure a valid reason for doing so. This includes—

Item detailsOther comments
1. To meet an employee of the institute for personal or official reason. 1. Entry may be restricted for those without a valid reason.
2. To supply the requisitioned item to any office, lab or department as an authorized supplier or first timer. In such cases a valid pass has to be obtained from the main gate. SP might call the concerned department/lab/office/person to confirm this. Those with Vendor Pass issued by CEMMC might be asked to show it by the SP. 2. Entry may be restricted for suspicious person(s).
3. Students of various schools situated in the campus or Nankari in school uniform or without school uniform. Their parents/ guardians with valid pass. 3. All those caught by SP for their involvement in antisocial activities like theft, robbery, misconduct, etc. may be restricted from entering the campus.
4. People residing in Nankari and using campus road for their thoroughfare. 4. All those who have been officially debarred from entering the campus by institute authorities.
5. People coming for rail reservation can be permitted entry half an hour before opening of the reservation counter. They don't need entry pass as reservation counter is located on the main gate. 5. Heavy vehicles may not be permitted to enter the campus through main gate.
6. All the shop owners, vendors, workers, labours and all others working in various departments, labs with valid Identity Card or with a pass issued by the Estate Office or by the contractors working on the campus. 6. All visitors are liable to be frisked by the SP.
7. For visiting Banks or Post Office with a valid pass book or with valid reason with the pass obtained from the main gate.    
8. Visitors should obtain vehicle pass for their respective vehicles from the main gate.    
9. All other visitors not included in the list above may be allowed entry to the campus with valid reason(s). However, they are required to obtained pass from the main gate.    
10. Entry may be permitted to the casual labours in presence of their supervisors / contractors subject to production of written permission from IWD.