Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

  • Do not leave any valuables like laptops, mobile phones, watches etc. unattended, especially at the fields during physical activity.
  • Do not leave your room unlocked/unattended even for short periods of time. Try to lock your room while sleeping and if not ensure that your valuables are stored in a safe space.
  • Carry the Institute Identity Card with you on campus at all times and cooperate with the security personnel when asked to produce it. This would help the Security Personnelensure that you belong to the campus and identify those who don't.
  • Do not disclose the password of your e‐mail ID, Debit Card, Credit Card etc. or other bank account details to anyone. Avoid drawing money from the ATM in the presence of others.
  • Use a "Chain with Pad Lock" for your cycles as body locks and wire locks are quite easily opened by cycle thieves.
  • Ensure that your cycle is properly locked while parking it. Unlocked cycles will be taken into custody of the security guards and will only be released after proper verification of ownership after two days.
  • Write your name on the frame of your bicycle in bold letters to avoid exchange of cycles as well as to help identify them in the above case.
  • Driving Motorized vehicles is strictly prohibited for students in the campus, even for those with a valid driving license. You would require permission from the DOSA to do so.
  • Those in possession of motorized vehicles (Faculty, Staff, Research Scholars) should not allow any student to use it on campus. It will be seized by the Security Personnel and released only after permission from the DOSA.
  • You will need to take permission from the Hall Warden to allow a guest to stay with you at night. Security will not permit unauthorized guests to stay overnight in the halls.
  • Parking of four/two wheelers by students in the campus is not permitted. You will need prior permission from the Hall warden/DOSA.
  • Avoid going out of the main gate at night as there have been many fatal accidents on the highway.
  • Please report any security related problems or suspicious activity to the control room on 7999 or 7994.In case of any issues, you can talk to the ASO personally or call him up on no.7254.
  • Please check Guidelines for security verification for pass from Estate Office