Single Session Therapy(SST)

What is Single Session Therapy (SST)
Single session therapy or one-at-a-time sessions offers clients to have a direct one-to-one session with a professional therapist without committing to come up again.

How is it different from regular therapy?
Traditional therapy requires a certain level of commitment from the client with respect to assessments, in-depth disclosure of past history, multiple sessions, completing between-session homework and various skills to be practiced at home.
Whereas SST offers hassle free interaction with professional counselors for one time only and then decide on future actions as discussed in the session.

How do I know if I need regular therapy or SST?
If you know the issues you are struggling with are fairly recent and probably you fear sharing with anyone then SST might suit you better than regular therapy. SST offers session with a professional therapist who can understand your concerns without any judgments
Other reasons for opting SST would be:-
• Unavailability of time such as coming to therapy once/twice a week
• Just to see if therapy is your cup of tea
• Work with different therapists and their approaches
• or if you are afraid to contact the institute counselling service due to stigma or hearsay.

How does SST work?
SST focuses on working on the current issues and clarifying clients' doubts and enabling them to work on their problems on their own with some guidance from a professional.

Eligibility & Expectations
• The session can range from 15 min- 90 min and can be taken online or offline.
• Appointments can be booked between Monday-Thursday (9am-5pm) and will be taken during CS office hours (11am-6pm, Monday to Friday).
• Not entirely essential but you are expected to come up with a single/ short issue for which you can work with the therapist.
• You are expected to follow the end-session suggestions.
• The therapist can suggest if you need regular sessions or SST is okay for you.
• You will be allotted a therapist based on their availability. If you want to work with the same therapist, please email them for a session individually.
• If someone wants to come again, it’s entirely okay to book another SST/OAAT session. (Usually after 2 weeks). You will need to disclose past sessions when booking the next session and follow between session work.

NOTE: SST is not recommended for long-standing issues and severe mental health conditions. For any of these issues, consistent professional guidance is necessary and any such client is requested to book a regular therapy session.

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