The Institute Counselling Service organizes numerous sessions throughout the academic year aimed at sensitizing the campus community on issues related to mental health, emotional quotient and general well-being, and some fun events. Sessions are also aimed at acquainting students about various internship opportunities, and promoting senior-junior interaction.

How to utilize the summers effectively? This is a question which puts a lot of students in a fix. This session addresses all such queries. Seniors from various departments who have had pursued research internships, management internships or core or noncore internships during their summers, illuminate their juniors with the myriad opportunities present out there.

The dynamics of relationships amidst which one lives are complex in nature. We aim to help students understand and unwind the complications of these through this session.

Students are focused on improving their study techniques in order to optimize their skill set to the maximum. The session on study techniques is aimed at acquainting students on various studying approaches which can be helpful for them in regularizing their studies and performing better in their examinations.

One of the most pressing issues in the campus for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students is how to spend time on the right things and in the right places. We try to help students in reaching out to their priorities, obligations and schedule so that they benefit in all areas of life through this session.

Aimed at helping the students understand the various forms of addiction and sensitize them on ways to overcome them.