The information required for New UG Students at IITK can be referred here. It comprises of basic information required about documents required,fee details, orientation details, and other information required for smooth transition into IIT Kanpur of new students.

Check out the competitions by various clubs of IITK in the Competitions for Freshers tab.

Important Notifications
  • Announcements for upcoming UG batch(Y21) by DOAA are available here.
  • Registration Proceedings have been released by the Doaa administration here. Every student is advised to go through this document very thoroughly. It contains all necessary information and links for Uploading documents, Fee payment, EDT and HSS Allotment and Academic Registration.
  • Academic Calendar for Y21 UG Batch has been released here.
  • The Documents/Items to upload on the portal for registration have been updated in the Check List Tab.
  • All instruction in the upcoming semester (2021-22-I) will be conducted in the REMOTE teaching/learning mode. Students will be required to attend classes online from their home/present place of stay. Students are not required to report at the Campus for the Semester 2021-22-I.
  • Classes of Y21 batch will begin from 1st December 2021. The course schedule can be found here.
  • The detailed fee breakup for Y21 UG batch can be found here- Fee Breakup
  • Please join the facebook group IIT Kanpur Freshers' Forum 2021-22 for detailed answers on queries.
    You may also contact the UG Core Team directly here
  • Please keep visiting DOAA website and this page regulary for more updates.
No Competitions available yet
Students need to fill in an online form and upload scanned copies of the original documents on the OA portal for ‘New Student Profile’. Note that the link will be active during December 24-29, 2021.

Last Updated: 22nd November 2021, 11:50 PM

Class X (High School) Board Certificate .
Class XII Marksheet
Aadhar Card
Parental Income Certificate (Only if eligible for fee remission)
Document Verification and Seat Acceptance letter (Downloadable from JOSSA Website)
Provisional seat allotment letter (Downloadable from JOSSA Website)
Anti-Ragging Undertaking
Medical Report (Same as submitted during Josaa cunselling)
Self-declaration Undertaking (Format downloadable from the OA portal after login)
Ethical Practices Undertaking (Format downloadable from the OA portal after login)
Valid Category certificate for GEN-EWS and OBC_NCL students in prescribed formats as detailed in the JEE (Advanced) 2021 Brochure.
Category/Disability certificate for SC/ST/PWD candidate

The verification of the documents/certificates uploaded by you will be done against the originals at a later date after the Institute re-opens for students. The schedule for the same will be notified later by the administration.

State Bank of India, IIT Kanpur

The Link to instructions PPT provided by the bank is attached: here. Here is the email to submit forms for Minor and loan: For any query, you can contact the bank directly - 9651150216.

Union Bank of India, IIT Kanpur

The Link to instructions PPT provided by the bank is attached: here. For any query, you can contact the bank directly - Saurabh Srivastava (9023422545) or Manu Awasthi (8412090727) and 0512-259-7676/1044.

By Air

The most popular air route to IIT Kanpur is through Lucknow Airport (IATA: LKO – ICAO: VILK). There are flights every hour between 0600 - 0900 from New Delhi. Lucknow is also connected by direct flights to major destinations like Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore
Note: Kanpur airport is now functional. A Spicejet flight is available between Kanpur(KNU) and Delhi(DEL). The campus is around 21 kms from the airport and can be reached easily using cabs.


By Road

Kanpur is connected to NH-2 that runs between Amritsar and Kolkata and connecting cities like Delhi, Agra, Allahabad, Patna. Kanpur is also connected to Lucknow on NH25 and is about 91 km from Lucknow. Cabs are available from Lucknow to reach IIT Kanpur.

By Train

Kanpur is well connected by railway network with nearly every major city. Numerous overnight trains are also present from major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. IIT Kanpur is about 17 km from the Kanpur Central Railway Station. Special Institute Buses will be available on the 20th of July to ferry people from the railway station to IIT-K. Tempos and Autos are also available which take about Rs. 200- Rs. 250 from Station to IITK campus



Please note that the institute does not provide accomodation to parents. Parents are suggested to arrange for their own accomodation. The list of hotels at Kanpur can be found here. [Hotels]

Hall Allocation

The Hall Allocation for 2021-22 will be updated here later.

As per now, following halls will be allocated to the upcoming students-
Boys: Hall 13
Girls: GHT
The reporting help desk numbers will be updated here a night before the reporting.

It is mandatory for all registered students of IIT Kanpur to reside in the halls of residence assigned to them. The halls assigned to the first year boys students is Hall 13. GHT(Girls' Hostel Tower) is the hall of residence assigned to the first year girl students.

The rooms and roommates in the halls are also assigned randomly to the students by the institute keeping in mind various factors. It is not possible to entertain a request for room/roommate change. It is also compulsory for a student to register in his/her Hall of Residence's mess.

Orientation Programme
Your first step into IITK

The Orientation Programme is organised to acquaint the students with the institute and to facilitate a smooth transition into life at the Institute.
The prospect of beginning life at a college can be daunting. You must be incredibly excited to come to the campus but at the same time you may also feel nervous and unsure about what to expect. Everyone has such mixed emotions and the Orientation program is designed to make your transition to IITK as seamless as possible.

The orientation schedule of 2021-22 will soon be updated here.


Please find the Brochure 2019-20 here

Future Students

Go through the following link to know more about different undergraduate programmes at IITK: Future Students

The following blog contains a list of articles written by senior students of IITK to guide aspirants: That's IITK

    Ans. The Reporting date for the new UG students is 20 July, 2018. You have to report to your allotted hall in IITK. The Hall Allotment list will be up on website before arrival.
    If for some reason, it is not up by then, please report to Hall 2 and then you will be directed to your allotted Hall.
    NO, you cannot report late. You have to report in IITK only on the aforementioned time and date. If you are reporting late then you should inform the counselling service with a valid reason.
    NO, you cannot go home after reporting.There are a lot of activities scheduled before the classes commences.

    Ans. AIR Route: Nearest airport is Lucknow: You may catch a taxi from airport (easily available for IITK),it’ll be a 2-3 hours journey costing about Rs 1400-1800. Alternatively, buses ply from Lucknow to Kanpur.
    Train Route : IITK is a 45 minutes journey from Kanpur Central Railway Station. You can traverse the route either by Auto-Rickshaws which are easily available, by Institute buses depending on the timing, or by hiring cabs. Also,there would be a help desk of Counselling Service, IIT Kanpur arranged at Kanpur station. You can contact them for institute buses or for hiring autos and cabs.
    Additionally, look at the reaching IITK section on the website.

    Ans. A checklist of all documents that you require to bring to IIT Kanpur will be updated soon.

    Ans. You may bring items for day to day living purposes, but almost everything is available to purchase in the campus including mattresses,buckets,locks.
    Please click here to get the list of items you may need.

    Ans. The Orientation Program is designed to acquaint the Freshers with the Campus, and the various activities in it. It is a comprehensive introduction to your life for the whole stay at the campus. Yes, The Orientation Programme is compulsory to attend.

    Ans. English is the medium of all official instruction (lectures, labs, assignments and exams). For students who might be uncomfortable with English, the institute offers a basic course in the english language which is taught in the first semester. Also, English Conversation Classes are organised to help the students in English language.

    Ans. The general lecture environment varies from professor to professor, but asking doubts during lectures is always allowed. However, tutorials are better places for clearing doubts as they have a much higher level of personal interaction.

    Ans. There are ample number of scholarships available.You will get to know about these and how to apply for them after you reach here.For any of these, Parental Income proof is must.
    Please go through the Under-Graduate section under the important info tab on this website for further details.

    Ans. Yes, you can change your branch at the end of 2nd, 3rd or 4th semester, but only once in total. No programme related restrictions are present, i.e. change from a BS program to BTech, Btech to BS, BS to BS or BTech to BTech, all are allowed.

    Ans. Please go to the Under-Graduate section under the Important Info tab on this website.

    Ans. Halls of residences are the hostels where you will be residing during your stay at IIT Kanpur. There are five halls for boy UG students (Hall of Residence: 2, 3, 5, 12 and 13) and one for girl UG students (GHT/Hall Of Residence 6). UG first year students will stay in Hall 13 (boys) and GHT (girls).

    Ans. Each hall has its mess, canteen, photocopying facility, and a shop for basic daily needs, other than the rooms.
    They also have their own Reading Room, Computer Centre, which is open 24*7.
    Every hall have their own sports equipments with some sports fields available 24*7. Every hall has its Basketball Court, Badminton Court and Table Tennis room.

    Ans. Refer to the hall allocation part in the left sidebar

    Ans. You will have to share your room with one or two more people.

    Ans. In Girls Hostel Tower (GHT), your rooms will have three beds, 2 mirrors, three almirahs, two chairs and two tables,a bed table and a rack (or three tables).
    In Hall 13(double room), a room has 2 beds, 1 almirah with a mirror, 1 table, 1 chair, 1 bed-table and 1 notice board.
    In Hall 13(triple room), a room has 3 beds, 2 almirah with two mirrors, 2 tables, 2 chairs, 1 bed-table and 2 notice boards.

    Ans. To encourage participation in extracurricular activities, various inter-hall competitions are organized. Each hall is a part of a pool. There are four pools. Following are the interhall events-
    Freshers Inferno - Games & Sports (open for both UG & PG Freshers )
    Takneek - Science & Technology
    Galaxy - Media & Cultural
    Inferno - Games & Sports
    All the events are open for freshers. At the end of the academic year the performances of each pool in all competitions are combined to give the ranking for the General Championship.

    Ans. Freshers are strongly discouraged to bring their laptops in their very first year. Every hall has their own computer centre (available for use 24x7). The main Computer Centre and the computer lab at New Core Labs are open till 2 am in the night and are good enough for all practical purposes.

    Ans. There is a shopping center, commonly known as ShopC, in the campus for general items and commodities. It has a campus restaurant, Stationery shops, barber shop, cycle repairing shop, bakery shops, laundry shop and general stores.
    The bank facilities are available within the campus. There are SBI and UBI bank branches available in the campus. Campus also have a automated ICICI branch. SBI, UBI and ICICI ATMs are also available in the campus.
    There is a Food Court in the campus area in SAC (Student Activity Corner) which are available almost 24*7. It has Dominos, Kathi Rolls, Streats, Wazwan food outlets. There is also a subsidized Cafe Coffee Day outlet. And not to forget a chaat corner in front of hall 3.

    Ans. Practically none. There is no course-related book that you have to bring. The course books can be taken from seniors or issued from the library. Also, the reference section of the library is equipped with sufficient copies of the course books, so one can easily use them there, if in case you feel the need to buy one, then there are bookshops in the shopping center inside the campus. The general books used in the first year are Thomas’ Calculus, D J Griffiths Electrodynamics,Mechanics by Kleppner, any C Programming Language Book. Also Chemistry Labcoat and Mini Drafter for Engineering Drawing Lab are also required in first year courses. If you already have above mentioned items you can bring these with you otherwise do not buy them you can take it here from the seniors or shops.

    Ans. We are a Ragging Free campus. Strict actions are taken against those indulge in ragging. Every student signs an anti ragging affidavit.
    Anti-Ragging Squads are also made to check its practise anywhere.

    Ans. No, parents will not be provided any accommodation in the campus. A list of hotels in Kanpur is provided in this pdf : [Hotels]

    Ans. IITK has a humongous campus size of 1055 acres. Students are not allowed to drive motorized vehicles. IITK being an environment friendly campus, everyone travels by bicycles. Many professors prefer riding cycles as well. Other means of transport are cycle rickshaws, which are usually available throughout the day. Motorized rickshaws or tempos may also be available sometimes on campus.
    Differently abled students shall be provided with hybrid scooters or tricycles.

    Ans. Yes, there is laundry service available to the students. The laundry serviceman shall visit your room twice a week. The basic monthly cost shall be around Rs.200. All the halls have Washing Machines installed.

    Ans. The freshers have full freedom to use wi-fi services in the academic area. The computer centres in halls provide internet connectivity 24/7. The computer centres in the academic area are open till 2am.

    Ans. Fee structure is decided by DOSA(Dean of Student Affairs) Office.It keeps on changing subject to various conditons. Modes of payment are- DEMAND DRAFT or ONLINE via SBI I-Collect/AXIS bank /ICICI bank gateway.

    Ans. >2 semesters are held per year. The first semester commences at the end of july and ends in the month of november, then a one month break in december. The next semester commences by the end of december and ends by the month of april.

    Ans. IITK has its own Health Center (HC).HC has four ambulances. It takes care about all the basic health related issues as well as emergency conditions. Also,there are dispensaries available in some specific halls.

    Ans. Every detail is available on the academic calendar including midsem breaks and holidays.(REFER- [Link])

    Ans. Yes, differently abled students shall be allowed hybrid scooters or tricycles. There are ramps available wherever necessary to make life easier for them.

In case of any difficulty or query, contact the UG Team.

Click here for details.