The TA Q600 provides a true simultaneous measurement of weight change (TGA) and true differential heat flow (DSC) on the same sample from ambient to 1,500 °C. It features a field- proven horizontal dual beam design with automatic beam growth compensation, and the ability to analyze two TGA samples simultaneously. DSC heat flow data is dynamically normalized using the instantaneous sample weight at any given temperature.


Technical Specification:


System Design

Horizontal Balance & Furnace

Balance Design

Dual Beam (growth compensated)

Sample Capacity

200 mg (350 mg including sample holder)

Balance Sensitivity

0.1 μg

Furnace Type

Bifilar Wound

Temperature Range

Ambient to 1500 °C

Heating rate – Ambient to 1000 °C

0.1 to 100 °C/min

Heating rate – Ambient to 1500 °C

0.1 to 25 °C/min

Furnace Cooling

Forced Air (1500 to 50 °C in < 30 min,


1000 °C in , 20 min)


Platinum/Platinum-Rhodium (Type R)

Temperature Calibration

Curie Point or Metal Standards (1 to 5



DTA Sensitivity

0.001 °C

Calorimetric Accuracy/Precision

± 2% (based on metal standards)

Mass Flow Controller with Automatic Gas

Switching Included


to 7 Pa (0.05 torr)

Reactive Gas Capability

Included – separate gas tube

Dual Sample TGA


Auto-Stepwise TGA


Sample Pans

Platinum:40 μL, 110 μL
Alumina: 40 μL, 90 μL