Structural analysis laboratory is a research centre for computational and theoretical research on the problems that arise and are of interest in the Aerospace Engineering discipline. The laboratory hosts several servers and workstations with advanced configurations.

The research domain comprises of both fundamental and advanced problems that arise in the areas of research. Several high-end state-of- the-art computational codes have been developed in-house for multi-scale modeling for damage; damage mechanics based modeling of composite structures; adaptive modeling of laminated plates; structural optimization and stochastic analysis of laminated structures. These high-performance codes have been the result of dedicated research by students. The laboratory also boasts of a seamless integration of available commercial software tools, e.g. ANSYS, ABAQUS, HYPERMESH, FORTRAN and MATLAB. Students freely use all the computational resources to conduct cutting edge research.



The key areas that are dealt with at present include: Solid Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics, Impact Damage, Damage and fracture mechanics, Adaptive FEM, Structural Dynamics, Stochastic Processes and Structural Optimization.