Dibakar Ghosal (PhD, IPG Paris)
Assistant Professor

Room No. 211, Old SAC Building
0512-259-6909 (O)
E-mail: dghosal[AT]iitk.ac.in
Personal webpage

Research Specialization

  • Controlled Source (Exploration) Seismology
  • Modelling and Inversion, Poroelasticity
  • Subduction tectonics


  1. Estimation of poroelastic properties of hydrocarbon reservoirs using frequency dependent amplitude variation with offset (AVO) analysis (sponsored by ONGC as PI)

  2. Modeling of Gas hydrate reservoir using integrated techniques (sponsored by ONGC as PI)

  3. Delineation of shallow subsurface morphotectonics below the central seismic gap-Himalaya using an integration of passive and controlled source seismology (sponsored by DST as PI).

  4. Shallow subsurface seismic imaging of NE Himalayan foothills near Shillong plateau (sponsored by IITK).


List of Journal Publications (peer reviewed)


Jain V., Ghosal D., Verma S., (2020). Enhancement of a thumper source far offset refracted phases using super virtual interferometry (SVI), J. Earth Syst. Sci., 129:136


Boral S., Sen I S., Ghosal D., Peucker-Ehrenbrinkb B., Hemingway J. D., (2019). Stable water isotope modeling reveals spatio-temporal variability of glacier meltwater contributions to Ganges River headwaters, Journal of Hydrology, 577, 123983.


Hananto N., A Boudarine, H Carton, SC Singh, P Avianto, J Dyment, Y Qin, D Ghosal, R Zuraida, P E Tapponnier, C Deplus, K Sieh, (2018). Evidence of pervasive trans-tensional deformation in the northwestern Wharton Basin in the 2012 earthquakes rupture area, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 502, 174-186.


Ghosal D., Ganguli SS , Singh RN, Sain K, (2018). Simulating the gas hydrate behavior at equilibrium dissociation: A study from Mahanadi basin of eastern offshore, India, Marine and Petroleum Geology, 98, 802-814.


Ghosal D., C Juhlin, (2018).Estimation of dispersion attributes at seismic frequency—a case study from the Frigg-Delta reservoir, North sea, Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 15 (5), 1799.


Ghosal D., Singh S.C, Martin J, (2014). Shallow subsurface morphotectonics of the NW Sumatra subduction system using an integrated seismic imaging technique, Geophysical Jour. Int.,198, 1818-1831.


Ghosal D., Singh S.C., Chauhan A.P.S, Hananto N.D., (2012). New insights on the offshore extension of the Great Sumatran fault, NW Sumatra, from marine geophysical studies, Geochem. Geophys. Geosys., 13, 11, doi: 10.1029/2012GC004122.


Singh. S.C, Chauhan A.P.S, Calvert A. J., Hananto N.D., Ghosal D., Rai A.,Carton H., (2012). Seismic evidence of bending and unbending of subducting oceanic crust and the presence of mantle megathrust, Earth and Planetary science letters, 301, 166-176.