With a long and rich history of Philosophy discipline in the department of Humanities and Social Sciences, it offers an exciting bunch of undergraduate and postgraduate courses focusing on a broad range of interests from core philosophical approaches to contemporary and interdisciplinary aspects. Such a blend provides comprehensive dimensions to students’ overall academic and social development.

While postgraduate courses focus on the in-depth research on ancient, classical, and contemporary debates and issues in philosophical scenarios; the undergraduate courses (lectures/ tutorials) deal with a broader framework to enhance and inculcate the conceptual clarity and critical thinking among the students. The philosophical engagement allows them to revisit the arguments, phenomena, language, science at meta-level inquiries.



Philosophy at IIT Kanpur

It has eclectic research interests mainly in Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Logic, Philosophy of Science (General, Biology), Philosophy of Cognition, Evolutionary Epistemology, Philosophy of Creativity, and Philosophical Aesthetics. We have a strong Ph.D. program with about around a dozen graduate students researching on various philosophical issues towards the potentially rich theses. Our undergraduate courses have a wide range and options for philosophical perspectives installing the habit of thinking philosophically and apply it to their academic and life endeavors.

Dr. Lalit Saraswat
Philosophy Discipline (Convenor)
Dept of HSS, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur 208016
Tel: +91-512-679-2093
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