Incompressible Aerodynamics





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Prerequisites: ESO204A/ ME231A

Course Contents

Introduction to aerodynamics, Atmosphere (ISA) and its stability, Continuum hypothesis, dynamic similarity, Aerofoil nomenclature, forces and moments, Incompressible ir-rotational flow, Complex potential, Singularities and super position, Blasius theorem, Method of image, Circulation, Robins Magnus effect and Kutta Joukowski theorem, Conformal Mapping and Joukowski airfoil, Kelvins circulation theorem, Thin Airfoil theory, Helmholtz theorems, Finite wing theory, Computational methods; Panel and vortex lattice methods, Low aspect ratio wings and slender body theory, Viscous flows: Introduction to NS equations, Prandtl boundary layer equations, Similarity solutions. Integral approach, Introduction to transition & turbulence. Turbulent boundary layer. 


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