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IIT Kanpur's faculty are among the best in the world in their areas of interest. They impart an education for exceptional careers in engineering and related fields.

The faculty have made significant research contributions to pure science,engineering, humanities and management fields while empowering the next generation of students with a world-class education.

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Scholarships, Prizes and Awards




Donor Scholarship 2014


List of Sports Prizes based on their performance in the Inter IIT Meet-2013.


Photo gallery of Academic Excellence award for 2012-13


Scholarship distributed for 2013-14 till 19th February 2013


Download Scholarship Form (DOC) (PDF)


IIT London Chapter-MCM Scholarship


Merit-cum-Means Scholarships for Undergraduate students

  • Students receive full tuition waiver, and pocket allowance of Rs 1000 pm (or free basic mess and a pocket allowance of Rs 250 pm) for the duration of the program.
  • This is merit based scholarship, hence, the recipients must maintain a minimum CPI of 6.5.
  • However, if CPI falls below 6.5 (but remains above 6.0) then pocket allowance is withdrawn.
  • Normally, parents annual income should be within certain limits (currently Rs 6.0 Lakhs).


Merit-cum-means scholarships given by alumni of IIT Kanpur

  • Total of about 50 scholarships. Some of the scholarships may be for the students of a particular department
  • Most of the scholarships are at the rate of Rs 2000 pm for a duration of 10 months.
  • Few scholarships are of 3 year duration n Normally, based on merit (minimum CPI should be 8.5)
  • Most of the scholarships require that parents annual income should be within certain limits (currently Rs 4.50 Lakhs for most scholarships, however, the amount may vary from scholarship to scholarship)
  • Scholarship details


National prizes for UG and PG students

  • Each year top 7% students of each batch are given notional prizes (includes a certificate and cash prize of Rs 400)
  • For the final year UGs, and M. Tech. students the top 7% are chosen from each department.
  • These are merit based prizes and therefore the recipients must have a minimum CPI of 8.5.


Sports Scholarships and Prizes

  • Each year 20 students are given scholarships for their performance in the sports (Rs 500 pm for nine months).
  • Winners of medals in annual inter IIT sports meet receive cash prizes of Rs 1500, 1000, and 500 for winning the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals respectively.


Support for PG Students

  • Masters and PhD students are not entitled to apply for the scholarships as they receive TAship/RAship etc.
  • However, they are considered for prizes (notional, sports).
  • PG students are expected to actively participate in research, hence, they are provided support to attend international conferences (requires support of approx. Rs 70000 for travel etc.).
  • The support comes from the funds provided by alumni of IIT Kanpur.
  • Last year about 70 students availed of the facility.


Awards at the time of Graduation to undergraduates

  • President's Gold Medal to the student getting the highest CPI in the graduating class.
  • Director's Gold Medal to the student for the best all round performance and leadership.
  • Proficiency Medals to the students for doing the best B. Tech. project work in each department.
  • General Proficiency Medals to the students getting the highest CPI in each department.
  • Ratan Swarup Memorial prize for the best all round performance.
  • Sangeeta Pradhan Memorial medal for the best all round performance by an MSc student.
  • Bhagwani Devi Maheshwari Gold Medal to a girl student for all round performance.
  • Mars G Fonatana award and Batra Gold Medal to MME students.
  • Professor A S R Sai medal to a CE students.
  • TCS award for the best project in CSE, EE and ME.
  • Banco Foundation prize for an ME student.
  • Syngenta Excellence award to MSc Chemistry students.


Awards to Postgraduate Students

  • Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma Medal for the best all round performance.
  • Cadence Gold and Silver Medals for the best M. Tech. thesis across the departments.
  • Professor A. S. R. Sai Gold Medal for the best CE student in structures.
  • Professor Bal Deva Upadhyay Gold Medal for the best thesis in MME.
  • Professor S. D. Bokil Gold Medal for the best EEM student.
  • IEEE award for the best EE students.
  • Mehta Gold Medal for the best ME student.
  • Professor Vijay Mahajan Gold Medal for the best student in the MBA program.


National awards where IITK nominates

  • Aditya Birla scholarship
  • Lucent Scholarships
  • GE Fund Scholarships
  • Inlaks Foundation Scholarships
  • Goldman Sachs Global Leader Program
  • Tata Millennium Scholarship
  • Jindal Foundation Scholarship


Future Plans

  • Currently about 40% of the under graduate students get some scholarship
  • A student can not avail of more than one scholarship
  • Get more funding from alumni and companies to add more scholarships
  • Add more awards and scholarships for sports persons
  • Start awards for community services and other diverse skills


Committee and Contacts

  • The committee consists of six faculty members and three student representatives.
  • Administratively the activities are supported by Dean of Students Affairs office.
  • Announcements are made by Dean's office from time to time; look out for notices inviting applications and/or nominations.
  • Main contact person for all the information: Mr. Vineet Dwivedi of Dean of Students Affairs office.

Senate Scholarships Prizes and Awards Committee

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