Staff Overview


Staff at IITK contribute to the efficient running of the institute. They contribute in all the various spheres of activity such as education, research and administration. IITK offers rewarding careers to its staff that help realize individual potential.

Pic: Ravi Shukla

A Shared Commitment to Excellence


The staff at IITK are key contributors to the institute's success and rightfully take great pride in the accomplishments of the institute. Being an educational institution there are times during the academic year when many tasks have to be accomplished in a short amount of time. Each year the IITK staff make sure that all tasks are completed in an accurate and timely manner.


The institute also provides the staff with avenues to keep abreast with technological developments. This ensures that the staff is able to keep pace with the changing skills required to discharge their duties.


The staff's willingness to take on challenges and give priority to the needs of the institute lead to a dynamic administration that has a non-bureaucratic work culture.  


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