Consulting Overview


IIT Kanpur offers innovative solutions that are also technically sound. Further, the large number of well equipped facilities give the institute a decisive edge while taking on challenging problems. The IITK experts are also well known for their integrity and trustworthiness.


The institute aims to solve problems faced by the industry along with the fundamental problems of science. For the institute, the delivery of knowledge is as important as creation of knowledge.


The institute has a large number of niche experts in unique areas and often they are simply the best people for the job.


An IITK expert will be able to identify the technological and scientific issues involved and address them accordingly. Even if these are fundamental issues and require great depth of knowledge to make them work advantageously.


Pic: Small Industries Development Bank of India

Globally Recognized Expertise

Experts at IITK collaborate with organizations worldwide to overcome challenges faced by industry and research laboratories. These span both fundamental science and applied science.


Being located in Asia, IITK is a great option for research of Asia related problems and multinationals regularly reach out to IITK for research that focuses on Asian issues.

Pic: Small Industries Development Bank of India

Special Focus on Small & Medium Sized Companies

IITK is very willing to work with small and medium sized companies. Besides technology development and troubleshooting, IITK can also help them with calibration, testing and safety audits.


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