Biochemical Engineering





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Energetics of microbial metabolism; transport phenomena; enzyme catalyzed reactions and processes; bioreactor design and applications; sterilization; instrumentation and control. Bio-separations and Bioprocesses: Downstream processing; matrix design; pre-treatment methods; separation of cell biomass; adsorption; filtration, precipitations; affinity precipitations; column chromatography; plate theory and principles of chromatography; different types of chromatography, polishing crystallization, drying, separation case studies; process integration; bioprocess integration for efficient production and recovery, scale up consideration, process monitoring and process economics. Environmental Bioprocesses: Interaction of mixed microbial population; aerobic and an aerobic processes; applications; biological wastewater treatment, bio-remediation. Enzyme Technology: Enzyme catalyzed reactions. Cell and Enzyme immobilization. Industrial applications and case studies.




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