Organic Chemistry I




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Stereochemistry (8) Dynamic stereochemistry: Conformation and Reactivity. Various chemo, regio and stereo selective reactions. Reactive Intermediates : (8) Carbenes and carbenoids Radicals: Structure, reactivity, selectivity and mechanisms of radicals and radical based reactions, involving various functional groups. Radical cations and radical anions. Carbocations: Non classical carbonation. Sigma and piparticipation. Mechanistic and Stereo chemical Aspects of : (10) Baeyer Villiger, Claisen (including Johnson Claisen, Ireland Claisen, Eschenomser, Over man modifications) Cope, and oxy Cope, Wittig rearrangements (both 1,2 and 2,3 Wittig rearrangements); ene and metalloene reactions; (2+2), (3+2) and (4+2) cycloadditions; Barton reaction. Organo metallic Chemistry : (5)Mechanism and stereochemistry of various reactions. Palladium based reactions such as Heck, Stille, Suzuki, Sonogashira, Buchwald Hartwig couplings; Tsuji Trost CC bond formations; Ni and Sncatlysed reactions. Enzymatic Reactions : (3) Mecahnistic and stereo chemical aspects of hydrolases (including esterases and lipases), oxido reductases. Green Chemistry : Concepts and applications (3)Classification and Structures o f some natural products such as terpenoids, steroids, alkaloids and prostaglandins (5).  



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