Physical Chemistry -II




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Course Contents

Equilibrium Thermodynamics: Laws of thermodynamics,
the equilibrium state, thermodynamic variables, conjugate quantities, thermodynamic potentials (4)
Statistical Mechanics: Kinetic Theory of gases, Boltzmann distribution,
the ensemble postulate, partition function, canonical ensemble, other ensembles, fluctuations, ideal monatomic, diatomic and polyatomic gases, chemical equilibrium, quantum statistics (20)
Transport Phenomena: Transport coefficients, thermal conductivity, diffusivity, viscosity, ionic conductivity, Limiting law of Debye-Hückel-Onsager, Nernst-Einstein relation, Stokes-Einstein relation (6)
Molecular Reaction Dynamics: Collision theory, activation energy, transition
state theory, reactions as trajectories, molecular beam experiments, reactions in liquid phase, Kramers theory,  Diffusion limited reactions (10) 



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  1. P.W. Atkins and Julio de Paula : Physical Chemistry
  2. I.N. Levine:  Physical Chemistry
  3. D.A. McQuarrie and J. D. Simon : Physical Chemistry - A Molecular Approach
  4. D. A. McQuarrie, Statistical Mechanics
  5. H. B. Callen: Thermodynamics and an introduction to Thermostatistics
  6. David Chandler : Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics
  7. R.S. Berry, S.A. Rice and John Ross : Physical Chemistry



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