Chemistry Communication Skills




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How to draw chemical structures- Use of CHEMDRAW. Exercise – Dray the structure of Palytoxin or similar natural products in Chemdraw and do structure checking.

How to write and draw equations (both chemical and mathematical). Exercise- Write the derivation of the Hydrogen atom energy function quantum mechanical Hamiltonian in microsoft word using equation editor and bring a hard and submit the soft copy online.

How to find compound related data in the literature? How to find vendors, physical data and chemical reaction data etc. Exercise- find vendors for PNA monomers.

Use and management of mined data- End note –Students had to organize documents after retrieving all papers in e-format in week 4 and submit the same.

Use of spectral databases and how to report compound data and procedures. Students had to submit experimental procedures in JOC format online for a synthetic procedure (such as cross coupling reaction or epoxidation).

Use of other specialized databases- CCDC, PDB, other nuclei NMR databases. Search- all structures in the CCDC for Ir-Ir / Mo-Mo/ S- S/ bonds reported in crystal structures.

Data integrity and recording experiments in the lab notebook. Students has to download a spectrum from SDBS and report proton and carbon spectra in JACS format.

Plagiarism and scientific integrity –how to check for copycats- use of turnitin and ithenticate.

How to write new and views (reviews)? Students were asked to write a review on a current topic (nobel prize winners on 2014).

How to make presentation slides and present reviews to an audience?

Refereeing scientific papers: How to spot errors? Overall summary and a critical writing on a topic of the students interest. 



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