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Course Contents

  1. Calibration of volumetric apparatus. (One day)
  2. Analysis of the rotational-vibrational spectra of HCl molecules. (One day)
  3. Determination of partial molal volume. (One day)
  4. Determination of the isotherm for a three component system. (Two days)
  5. Kinetics of fast reactions by stopped-flow technique. (One day)
  6. Spectrophotometric determination of the acid dissociation constant (Two days)
  7. The measurement of electrical conductance for the determination of the equivalent conductance at infinite dilution  (Two days)
  8. Rate of the hydrolysis of sucrose using polarimeter. (Two days)
  9. Determination of pKa of poly-basic acid with the pH meter. (One day)
  10. Determination of critical miceller concentration. (One day)
  11. Determination of transport number by moving boundary method. (One day)
  12. Polarizability from refractive index measurements. (One day)
  13. Formula and stability constant of a complex by spectrophotometry. (One day)
  14. Fluorescence quantum yield determination of an unknown molecule. (One day)
  15. Fluorescence spectrum and stern-volmer quenching constant. (One day)
  16. IR and Raman spectroscopy of solvent mixtures. (Two days)
  17. Computing Potential Energy Surface of molecules using Quantum Mechanics. (Two days)
  18. Introduction to Scanning Probe Microscopy (Two days)



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  1. Experimental physical chemistry, F. A. Bettelheim
  2. Experimental physical chemistry, G. P. Matthews
  3. Experimental physical chemistry, F. Daniels
  4. Experimental physical chemistry, A. Halpern and G. McBane
  5. Experimental Physical Chemistry, D. P. Shoemaker, C. W. Garland, and J. W. Nibler



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