Crystal and Molecular Structure Determination


 3-0-0 (9)


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Course Contents:

Generation of X-rays, monochromators, safety (1 Lecture)

Concept of direct and reciprocal lattices, Bragg's law of X-ray diffraction in direct and reciprocal lattice, crystal systems, point groups, Bravais lattices (5 Lectures)

Rotational axes of symmetry, screw axes, glide planes, equivalent points, systematic absences, space groups (8 Lectures)

Argand diagram, intensity data collection and quantitative aspects of X-ray diffraction, temperature factor and scaling of data (10 Lectures)

The phase problem, direct method of solving structures (8 Lectures)

Patterson method, isomorphous replacement method (8 Lectures)

Structure refinement and their critical evaluation (5 Lectures) 



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  1. X-ray Structure Determination- A Practical Guide by G. H. Stout and H. L. Jensen, MacMillan, N.Y. 1968.

  2. Contemporary Crystallography, M. J. Buerger, McGraw-Hill, N.Y. 1970.

  3. Crystal Structure Analysis- A Primer J. P. Glusker and K. N. Trueblood,  OUP, N.Y. 1985.

  4. Structure Determination by X-ary Crystallography, M. Ladd and R. Palmer, Kluwer Academic/Plenum, N.Y. 2003.



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