Computer Organization





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Prerequisites: ESC101A ESC201A

Course Contents

  • Digital Design using HDLs. Simple circuit designs: For e.g. Counter, Multiplexer, Arithmetic circuits etc. Design of a Simple Processor: Includes register file, ALU, data paths.

  • FPGA Programming. Programming on Xilinx Spartan 3E (or equivalent) FPGA. Handling of Inputs: through slide switches, through push buttons. Handling of Outputs: 7segment display, LED display, LCD display. The designs developed in Part! can be used to program the FPGA.5

  • Assembly Language Programming. Programming in assembly language. The assignments should cover the following concepts: Registers; different type of instructions (load, store, arithmetic, logic, branch); operand addressing modes; memory addressing modes; conditions (codes/flags and conditional branches) stack manipulation; procedure calls; procedure call conventions (load/store of; arguments on stack, activation records);



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