Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Digital Signal Processing Lab is used by UG and PG students in an elective course on Digital Signal Processor. The lab has Texas Instruments DSP kits for carring out various experiments.


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Equipment Name

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Equipment Name

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The software facilities include the following:

  • Code Composer Studio

  • MatLab

  • LabVIEW

Test and measuring instruments:

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 100 MHz

  • Function/ Pulse Generators 20 MHz

  • Microphones

  • Headphones

  • Speakers

Computers include various software and applications

  • Intel Quad Core Desktop Computer

  • Intel Pentium IV Desktop Computer

  • Intel Core I7 Desktop Computer

List of Experiments:

  • Introduction to Code Composer Studio-I

  • Introduction to Code Composer Studio-II

  • Introduction to the Addressing Modes

  • FFT and Bit Reversal Operation

  • FFT and its Applications

  • Audio Codec and its Applications

  • Real Time Data Exchange

  • FIR filtering by interfacing Matlab with Code Composer Studio

  • Introduction to Interrupts

  • Digital communication using Binary Phase Shift Keying



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