Photonic Networks & Switching





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Optical communications: Introduction to basic optical communications and devices. Optical multiplexing techniques Wavelength division multiplexing, Optical frequency division multiplexing, time division multiplexing, code division multiplexing. Optical Networks: Conventional optical networks, SONET / SDH, FDDI, IEEE 802.3, DQDB, FCS, HIPPI etc. Multiple access optical networks, Topologies, Single channel networks, Multi channel networks, FTFR, FTTR, TTFR and TTTR, Single hop networks, Multi hop networks, Multi access protocols for WDM networks, Switched optical networks. Optical amplification in all optical networks. All optical subscriber access networks. Design issues. Optical switching: Motivation, Spatial light modulator, Relational and non relational switching devices, Fundamental limits on optical switching elements, Switching architectures, Free space optical switching. Wavelength routed networks and other special topics. Solution based networks, Optical networks management issues. 


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