EndureAir Systems, a SIIC IIT Kanpur incubated company



EndureAir Systems, a SIIC (IIT Kanpur) incubated company, was called upon by NDRF to play a critical role in search & rescue operations in the recent glacier burst incident in Joshimath, Uttrakhand. Using their fleet of advanced drones, the EndureAir team performed search operations in the disaster-hit area to look for survivors. They also inspected the site to assess the damage done by the flood. The team was also quick to adapt to emerging requirements as and when required and could put together a device that could be sent inside the tunnel and transmit live HD video to the operators, all in a short notice of less than an hour

During this rescue operation, the EndureAir team has worked closely with NDRF officials DIG Mohsen Shahedi, CO P. K. Tiwari, DC Aditya Pratap Singh, and Mr. Rahul Nayyar, Mr. Anagh Singh from AGNIi office (AGNIi – Accelerating Growth of New India’s Innovations) under Prime Minister's Science, Technology, and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC).

This is the first time ever in India, that the startups were called to assist the first responders to bring their emerging indigenous technologies which not only benefited the rescue operations but also gave valuable feedback on how to further adapt the technologies to make them more useful and user friendly for disaster management. EndureAir and IIT Kanpur feel very proud for having put to use their drones when they were needed the most by our nation.



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