Training Program on Intelligent Power Transmission & Distribution Systems



Training Program course on Intelligent Power Transmission & Distribution Systems has started at IIT Kanpur today to provide knowledge about intelligent Power Transmission & Distribution Systems to various academia people, such as participants from IIT Guwahati, IIT Trichy, IIT Ropar, IIT Kharagpur, and industry people, such as delegates from KESCo, Opal-RT, Synergy Systems & Solutions. The course is supported by Power Finance Corporation (PFC) and PFC consulting Limited (PFCCL). The course is of the duration of 5 days and will end on 22nd May 2022. The course is being coordinated by Prof. Ankush Sharma and Prof. Alok Ranjan Verma from the Electrical Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur. For the inauguration of the training program, dignitaries available for the inaugural function were Prof. Kantesh Balani (Dean of Resources and Alumni, IIT Kanpur), Prof. A. R. Harish (Dean of Research and Development), Prof. S. C. Srivastava (Director, IITK-LTU Research Academey), Prof. R M Hegde, Head, Electrical Engineering Department, Prof. Ankush Sharma (trainning coordinator) and Prof. Alok Ranjan Verma (training co-cordinator).

The main objective of this course is to familiarize the participants from various academics, utilities, and industries about different concepts and developments in the area of Intelligent Power Transmission & Distribution Systems. This will help them to understand the role of modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure in better monitoring and controlling the power systems. With the increase in penetration of new technologies in power systems, there has been a growing demand for real time visualization, monitoring, and control of the power system. Further, the present day electrical transimission and distribution systems are witnessing increased share of renewables, storage, EV charging stations, microgrids, and smart metering at different levels in the network. This leads to transmission & distribution networks requiring cyber-secure Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS) and Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) tools along with fast data acquisition mechanism.

The large penetration of renewables, being intermittent in nature, will pose system stability and power quality concerns, which will require proper compensation and controls. The above challanges faced by the power transmission & distribution networks will be discussed in detail in this training program.



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