In the chain of motivational lectures at IIT Kanpur for the First Year Students, it was Mr. Kulbhushan Kain



In the chain of motivational lectures at IIT Kanpur for the First Year Students, it was Mr. Kulbhushan Kain. An Administrator, Achiever, have been Founder Principal of number of Schools. Some of the Big names like DPS Jaipur, Credence High School Dubai. Recipient of Award in the field of education in India and abroad.

Col Ashok Mor, the Officer In charge NCC at IIT Kanpur introduced the guest speaker and gave an introduction about Mr. Kulbhushan Kain.

Mr Kain says, Its everyone’s dream to get into IIT and once you have got into IIT people think they have got The World. You are the people who already got wings. Getting into IIT one fifth of the work is over. The world that you are going to inhabit, the knowledge was expanding at a slow pace. From 1800 to 1900 it was at double the pace. 1945 to 1980 the it increased 5 times and further on from 2000 to 2020 the knowledge base is doubling in every 12 hrs.

Just see by the time you move out of IIT you will be outdated if you don’t go with the pace. The COVID is the biggest example as we are yet to find a way out. What you are studding today may not be relevant tomorrow and so on.

If you take IAS exam later or you enter into a banking or a management world as lot of IIT guys do, IIT will be just as if ‘Ek Kahani Thee’ and the things of today might be less relevant to you in your professions that you take up in your life.

Do be prepared for the dynamic and changing world. What you will be confronting first time in your profession, that might not be part of the syllabus that you would have studies at IIT. What matters there most is your Intelligence, your Attitude and Adaptability.

Don’t look for a status quo, you will have to have something in you and I call it as PIES.

P- Personality: Have a good personality. It comes with good health.
I- Intelligence – All of you have it and you can boast about it.
E– Emotional Quotient. Have a great attitude.
S- Spiritualism. Life is not just money. There is something beyond that you see. May be science can tell someday.

Each quotient carries 25 %. Make a balance of all this to get the best in life. Concentrate on PIES. Don’t fear the unknown, take risks and you will find the difference. Science and research have proved it that anyone who challenges creates a path for himself. Take Chances in life. Move in life.

To conclude he quoted Khalil Gibran poem ..The River Cannot Go Back. Before entering the Sea, a River Trembles with Fear and goes on. Never be afraid to enter the ocean or the world ahead that will get you sucess.

He congratulated everyone and wished luck for the future.



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