NSS, IIT Kanpur, in association with Manviya Shiksha Sanskar Sansthan, Mandhana, is organizing workshop on Jeevan Vidya (Universal human values)



Kanpur, 02 June, 2022: Kanpur, 02 June, 2022: NSS, IIT Kanpur, in association with Manviya Shiksha Sanskar Sansthan, Mandhana (MS3), is organizing its first offline workshop post-COVID on Jeevan Vidya (Universal human values).
The workshop’s objective is to inculcate self-inquiry into all human values and all aspects of life that we experience on a daily basis. The programme is going to run for 8 Days in evening hours at the Hall of Fame, Outreach, IIT Kanpur.

The Guest for the first day of the workshop was Prof. S S K Iyer from the Electrical Engineering Department and Prof. Veena Bansal from the IME Department.

There were some remarkable experience-sharing sessions by a few IIT Kanpur alumni and staff from the campus witnessed at the initiation of the workshop.

Mr. Abhishek Kumar, an IIT Kanpur 2010 batch alumnus who plays an important role in running Humane Education (Manviya Shiksha Sanskar Sansthan) at Mandhana, Kanpur and is involved in developing Human Value education and natural living lifestyle, was also present during the workshop.

The Facilitator for the Workshop is Dr. Kumar Gaurav, Faculty at the Electronics Department of HBTU Kanpur, who himself is an IIT Kanpur alumnus having done his M.Tech-Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering by 2019. He has been involved in the activities of MS3 for a very long time studying and practicing the same. The participation in the workshop has been very good in number from campus students, staff and from other institutions as well.



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