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XRD FAcility (Bruker D8 Focus)

Materials Science and Engineering department houses Bruker D8 Focus instrument for X-ray diffraction studies. The instrument has option of both 0D scintillator detector and 1D LynxEye detector. The 0D detector is useful for grazing incidence diffraction, while 1D detector is more suitable for general powder diffraction. The 2theta range for the equipment is upto 120 degrees.  The equipment is mounted with 2-circle goniometer.


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Mr. K. Chandrasekhar (JTS)

Powder diffraction, Grazing incidence diffraction, Residual stress measurements

Powder diffraction, MSE XRD, IITK XRD


Western Lab, 2nd Floor (Physical Metallurgy Lab)

It is available on all weekdays from 9.30am to 5.30pm
It is also made available during off-office hours at special requests, provided an independent user is willing to help you with your samples

Fill the form available at: and get it signed by your advisor/ PI


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