Energy Systems-I




2L-0T-0P-0A (6 Credits)



ESO 201.

Course Content:

Introduction to energy resources and conversion systems: Fossil fuels, Nuclear energy, Hydrogen, Renewable energy sources. Thermal energy to Mechanical Energy Conversion: Internal Combustion Engine Technology, Real Cycles, Combustion, Emissions, Performance and Testing. Mechanical Energy to Thermal Energy Conversion: Modern Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Systems.

Lecturewise Breakup:

Module 1:

I. Introduction to energy resources and conversion systems, World Energy Mix and Status: (1 Lecture)

II. Status of Coal Combustion Technology, Availability, Types and Global environmental impact of Coal: (1 Lecture)

III. Liquid and Gaseous Fuels, Petroleum availability, characteristics, types, refining, renewable liquid fuels: (1 Lecture)

IV. Thermo-chemistry of fuel-air mixtures and its effects : (1 Lecture)

V. Thermo-chemistry of fuel-air mixtures and its effects : (1 Lecture)

VI. Nuclear Fuel Physics, Fuel Types: (1 Lecture)

VII. Nuclear Reactors, Types and operation, Indian Nuclear Program : (1 Lecture)

VIII. Solar energy and its applications: (1 Lecture)

IX. Other renewable energy sources including energy carriers: (1 Lecture)

Module 2:

X. Introduction to IC engines, Construction and Materials: (1 Lecture)

XI. Classification, SI and CI Engines: (1 Lecture)

XII. Real cycles: (1 Lecture)

XIII. Combustion in SI Engines : (1 Lecture)

XIV. Combustion in CI Engines : (1 Lecture)

XV. Abnormal Combustion in SI and CI Engines, Control strategies: (1 Lecture)

XVI. Engine Out Emissions and Control: (1 Lecture)

XVII. Engine performance : (1 Lecture)

XVIII. Trial of Engine : (1 Lecture)

Module 3:

XIX. Introduction to Refrigeration and heat pump Systems, COP, Refrigerating effect: (1 Lecture)

XX. Types of refrigerants, Characteristics and Performance, Chemical and Physical requirements: (1 Lecture)

XXI. Vapour Compression Cycle: Real Cycle: (1 Lecture)

XXII. Multi-stage and cascade refrigeration systems: (1 Lecture)

XXIII. Concepts of modern refrigeration systems, Thermo-electric coolers, Metal Hydride systems: (1 Lecture)

XXIV. Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Cycle, e.g. Solar Refrigeration Systems, Li-Br, .: (1 Lecture)

XXV. Psychrometric processes, Year round air-conditioning..: (1 Lecture)

XXVI. Process Analysis Using Psychrometric Charts.: (1 Lecture)

XXVII. Air-conditioning systems.: (1 Lecture)


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