The Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) program in Mechanical Engineering has a strong flavor on design and hands-on experience. The program includes a deeper study of a number of engineering sciences to which students are introduced at the core curriculum level, theoretical and experimental solution of physical problems, and design of systems relevant to the contemporary industries. The areas introduced by the department include Energy Conversion and Power Systems, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids, Manufacturing Science, Industrial Engineering, Automatic Controls and Engineering Design and Optimization. Besides the theoretical and laboratory based curriculum, students complete an advanced design project in the final year of the program.

This degree provides a solid foundation in core mechanical engineering disciplines, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through the academic program students also develop excellent written and oral communication skills, learn to work as a team and project management.

The objectives of this undergraduate program are:

  • To provide the highest level of education in technology and science and to produce competent, creative and imaginative engineers.

  • To promote a spirit of free and objective enquiry in different fields of knowledge.

  • To make a significant contribution towards the development of skilled technical manpower To create an intellectual reservoir to meet the growing demands of the nation.

  • The undergraduate programs are designed to achieve these objectives and to inculcate in the student concepts and intellectual skills, courage and integrity, awareness of and sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of the society.