B. Tech.

The Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Mechanical Engineering is a 4 year program comprising of 8 semesters.

The undergraduate degree programs in Mechanical Engineering have a strong flavor on design and hands-on experience. The programs include a deeper study of a number of engineering sciences to which students are introduced at the core curriculum level, theoretical and experimental solution of physical problems, and design of systems relevant to the contemporary industries. The areas introduced by the department include Energy Conversion and Power Systems, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids, Manufacturing Science, Industrial Engineering, Automatic Controls and Engineering Design and Optimization. Besides the theoretical and laboratory based curriculum, students complete an advanced design project in the final year of the program.

1st Semester

2nd Semester

MTH101A [11]

MTH102A [11]


PHY102A [11]/

PHY103A [11]/

PHY103A [11]

PHY102A [11]


PHY101A [03]/

CHM101A [03]/

CHM101A [03]

PHY101A [03]


TA101A [09]

ESC101A [14]


LIF101A [06]

CHM102A [08]



PE102A [03]

(Level‐1) [11]


PE101A [03]





3rd Semester

4th Semester

ESC201A [14]

HSS‐2 (Level‐1) [11]




ESO201A [11]

ESO202A [11]




ESO209A [08]

ESO203A [13]


ME251A [05]

ME222A [07]


TA202A [06]/
TA201A [06]

ME231 [10]



COM200A [05]

MSO202a [06]



TA201A [06]/


MSO203B [06]

TA202A [06]





5th Semester

6th Semester

HSS‐3 (Level‐2) [09]

HSS‐4 (Level‐2) [09]


ME301A [06]

ME341A [10]


ME321 [07]

ME351A [08]


ME352A [07]

ME354A [10]


ME361A [10]

OE‐2 [09]


ME399A [02]

DE‐1 [09]


OE‐1 [09]

UGP‐1 [04]


(Extra Credits)




7th Semester

8th Semester

HSS‐5 (Level‐2)
[09]/ DE‐2 [09]

DE‐2 [09]/ HSS‐5
(Level‐2) [09]


ME401A [10]

ME461A [09]


ME451A [09]

ME452 [06]




OE‐3 [09]

OE‐4 [09]/DE‐3 [09]


OE‐4 [09]/

OE‐5 [09]

DE‐3 [09]

UGP‐4 [09]

OE‐6 [09]


(Extra Credits)






Minimum credit requirement for graduation

  • Institute Core (IC): 124 Credits

  • Department Compulsory (DC): 101Credits

  • UGP‐2 and UGP‐3: 15 Credits

  • Department Elective (DE): 27 Credits

  • Open Elective (OE): 54 Credits

  • ESO/ SO: 55 Credits

  • HSS (Level‐I): 22 Credits

  • HSS (Level‐II): 27 Credits


1) UGP‐2 (ME451A) and UGP‐3 (ME452A) are departmental compulosry courses for B. Tech. students. However, these are optional for BT‐MT students who apply for conversion to BT‐MT program before the end of the sixth semester. Such students may do any two DE PG courses as substitute for UGP‐2 and UGP‐3. If a student opts to take ME451A or ME452A after applying for the dual degree programme before the end of the 6th semester, these courses WILL NOT count towards his/her DE‐PG requirement .

2) Students registering for ME451A (UGP‐2) must form BTP groups and inform Convener, DUGC, by April 30th of 6th Semester.

3) ME students applying for BT‐MT in ME after the formation of BTP groups will have to take UGP‐2 and UGP‐3. Neither of these courses may be dropped. Out of UGP‐2 and UGP‐3, only UGP‐3 may be counted towards DE‐PG credits for these students.

4) UGP‐1 & UGP‐4 are optional and do not count towards graduation requirements.

5)15 credits of UGP‐2&3 and 18 OE credits may be waived from the minimum BT requirements for students opting for dual degree in ME itself.

6) Upto 36 OE credits may be waived from the minimum requirements for students opting for Dual Degree in any other department or the Double Major programme.