Dual Major

The criteria for the admission to the Dual Major Program in Mechanical Engineering are given below.

  1. The students admitted to the dual major must satisfy the prerequisites criteria for the required courses.

  2. Criteria for selection: CPI of 8.0 or higher.

  3. Maximum Number of Students: 10 for the year

  4. In the event of a tie, preference will be given to those students who have successfully completed the course MSO203B (Partial Differential Equations).

  5. If the tie still persists, the department wishes to carry out an interview and the final decision will be made by the DUGC.

The table below provides the template and mandatory course requirements for the dual major in Mechanical Engineering.

Odd Semester

Even Semester


ESO201A [11]/ ESO202A [11]

ESO201A [11]/ ESO202A [11]

ESO209A [08




ME Mandatory Courses

ME251A [05]

ME231A [10]*

ME301A [06]

ME341A [10] **

ME321A [07]

ME351A [08]

ME352A [07]

ME354A [10]

ME361A [10]

ME461A [09

ME401A [10]





Total Mandatory Credits for the Second Major in Mechanical Engineering: 92 credits


1) *Equivalent courses for ME231A are (ESO204A + AE311A) or (ESO204A + CE262A).

2) **Equivalent course for ME341A is CHE312A.

3)Upto 36 OE credits may be waived from the parent department BT/BS graduation requirements when they are used to fulfill requirements for the double major.