Mechanics of Solids

Oscillations of a boat in a tank

The research activities in this track involve theoretical, experimental and numerical techniques applied over a wide range of materials, composites, metals, polymers, etc. Our research spans from structural dynamics, nonlinear solid mechanics, mechanics of defects and heterogeneities, structural health monitoring to estimation of mechanical behavior of nanomaterials using molecular dynamics simulations, processing and characterizations of advanced materials such as polymers, carbon-carbon/silicon composites, nanocomposites, multifunctional and functionally graded composites.

Research Areas

Applied Mechanics
Low-dimensional modeling of frictional hysteresis, modal damping from dispersed frictional micro cracks, mechanics of thin films, contact mechanics, patterned adhesives, AFM modeling, continuum thermodynamics, fluid-structure interaction.


Computational Mechanics
The researchers in computational mechanics solve mechanical problems using numerical algorithms. The applicable length scale ranges from the atomic to large structures, and methodologies include molecular dynamics, PDE solvers, finite elements and discrete dislocation dynamics.


Mechanics of Defects and Heterogeneities
Non destructive testing, modeling impact for ductile and brittle materials, mechanics of grain boundaries in polycrystals, dislocation dynamics, fracture in layered and graded materials.


Mechanics of Materials
Research work in Mechanics of Materials is highly interdisciplinary and centres on the development of novel structural and functional materials for a wide range of technological applications. We establish complex structure-property relationships using state-of-the-art materials characterization techniques, atomic force microscopy, electron microscopy, and estimate mechanical behavior of nanomaterials using MM/MD simulations. Our research spans from buckling of nanotubes, large deformation in single-layered graphene sheets, vibration mode localization in single- and multi-layered graphene sheets to processing and characterizations of advanced materials such as polymers, carbon-carbon/silicon composites, nanocomposites, multifunctional and functionally graded composites.



Smart Materials, Structures and Systems
Active and semi-active vibration control, Adaptive Shape Control, Smart Compliant Mechanisms, Dynamic response based Structural Health Monitoring.


Research Laboratories:

Computational Mechanics Laboratory
High speed expt. mechanics Laboratory
NDT Laboratory
Compliant and Robotics Systems (CARS) Laboratory
Advanced Nanoengineering Materials Laboratory
Smart Materials, Structures and Systems Laboratory

Associated Faculty

Sumit Basu, PhD (IISc Bangalore): Multi scale modeling of solids, Finite deformations, Non-linear Finite Element techniques, Surfaces and interfaces, Mechanics of Fracture, Mechanical behavior of polymers.

Bishakh Bhattacharya, PhD (IISc Bangalore): Smart Structures, Active & Passive Vibration Control, Flexible Manipulators and Smart complaint joints, Active Shape Control and Adaptive Structures.

Anindya Chatterjee, PhD (Cornell University): Dynamics and Vibrations.

Sovan L. Das, PhD (Cornell University): Mechanics of Biological Membranes, Continuum Mechanics and Granular Mechanics.

P. M. Dixit, PhD (Minnesota): Metal Forming, Ductile Fracture, Elasto-plastic Impact / Contact Problems and Finite Element Method.

Anurag Gupta, PhD (UC Berkeley): Interfaces in solids; Geometry of defects in solids; Plastic instability; Irreversible thermodynamics of continuous media; Mechanics of Indian musical instruments.

Shakti S. Gupta, PhD (Virginia Tech): Linear/Nonlinear Structural Mechanics, Mechanics of Nanomaterials and their Characterization using Molecular Simulations.

S. Mahesh, PhD (Cornell University): Solid Mechanics, Composite Materials and Manufacturing Processes.

Kamal K. Kar, PhD (IIT Kharagpur): Polymer, Polymer Blends, Alloys and Composites, Polymer Processing and Rheology

N. N. Kishore, PhD (IIT, Kanpur): Composite Materials, FEM and Non-Destructive Testing.

Basant Lal Sharma, PhD (Cornell University): Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Lattice Dynamics, Dislocations and Solid-Solid Phase transformation.

Ishan Sharma, PhD (Cornell University): Modeling granular systems for geophysical and industrial applications. Specific problems include dynamics of granular minor planets, and segregation in granular mixtures.Various problems of mechanics including contact mechanics and adhesion, dynamics, and stability and vibrations of structural and fluid-structural systems.

P. Venkitanarayanan, PhD (University of Rhode Island): Experimental Solid Mechanics, Dynamic Fracture Mechanics, Functionally Graded Composites.

Nalinaksh S. Vyas, Ph D. (IIT Delhi): Vibrations, Rotor Dynamics, Virtual Instrumentation, Condition Monitoring.

Pankaj Wahi, PhD (IISc Bangalore): Reduced order modeling, Vibration of continuous systems, Control of self-excited oscillations, Mechanics of machining, Time-delayed systems.